Ambient, Bass, Chill | SNOWMASS Breaks New Sound Barriers via New Single

Posted by on February 24, 2018

The Chainsmokers and Sam Feldt are just two of the bigger acts to co-sign SNOWMASS’ style and sound, but with signs of approval from artists at that level of success he is clearly on the right path! SNOWMASS came out with a new single called “Breaking” recently and simply put it is epic, it is a slow cooker, though. Slowly but surely “Breaking” evolves into something epic as hell. At first it starts off a little slow but once the mix of layered synths, bass, and drums come in the track skyrockets into a new soundscape and it is memorizing.

Bass | Snowmass Makes Bass Hyrbid “Crossfire” Amid Recent Return

Posted by on November 6, 2017

Snøwmass has quickly turned himself into an unstoppable force in the electronic music scene with two #1 Hype Machine remixes, releases on Blackhole Recordings, and support from esteemed peers like Dash Berlin, The Chainsmokers, and Sam Feldt. From beginning to end, his latest effort “Crossfire” is a rich, complex, and beautiful track that is a must have in your next playlist or DJ set. Snøwmass deftly mixes elements of techno, alternative, and modern dance together with expert precision, providing the ultimate backdrop for the gorgeous vocal stylings of Mona Moua. In an oversaturated market, Snøwmass successfully side steps cliches and trends with his remarkably layered sound, giving listeners a much-needed and unforgettable breath of fresh air.