Hip-Hop, Videos | Prince Ea – Smoking Weed With The President

Posted by on August 30, 2012

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My first post ever on FNT was “Backwards Rapper” by Price Ea.  Nearly a year later, the leader of the “Make Smart Cool” campaign is back with his most powerful work to date.  Laying months and months of brick and mortar into his newest piece of work, “Smoke Weed With The President”, I present one of the most insightful raps I’ve ever heard.  Prince Ea is more than just a rapper, he’s more than just an artist, he’s more than just a spokesman.  Influenced by the great Steve Urkel, this St. Louis, MO native is not only bringing intellect back to a depleted genre, but his content revolves around education.  The art of educating is one of the most powerful influences beheld by any man.  Prince’s ability to convey his message through music gives him a competitive advantage in reaching a whole new demographic.

He has done his research.  “Smoking Weed With The President” is an open letter to the US government, and more specifically, President Obama.  It’s a movement for truth and opportunity.  It’s a topic that everyone has an opinion on; smokers and non-smokers.  I’ll let the song do the talking, because frankly, it’s a lot more valuable to listen to that than it is to me blog.  This is much more than music.  I hope even my hip-hop haters enjoy this one.  Sound off in the comments section with your reaction!

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