Mashups, Videos | Throttle – What’s That Sound (Live Mashup)

Posted by on September 16, 2013

Remember Madeon’s “Pop Culture”? Of course you do, that thing went next-level viral. Since that video using Novation Launchpad, there have been many people making their own videos doing similar styled mashups, some good, some bad, but nothing with the gusto of “Pop Culture”. Well that may have changed. This mashup goes through 30 songs in just 3 minutes, largely incorporating dance music tracks, but also a few pop vocal samples. He also adds a few of his own piano breaks as well. “Pop Culture” changed the game in terms of mashups, and this aught to seal the deal. You can grab the free download below. Full tracklist after the jump.

Free Download: Throttle – What’s That Sound (Live Mashup)


Dubstep | Skrillex Ft. The Doors, Gangsta Fun, Rednek, and Arkasia

Posted by on October 26, 2011

With this post I felt like breaking the barrier…of your ear drums. This isn’t some lame wobble wednesday post, TURN THAT BASS UP!!!

This track was added last minute, it is in fact a rip, but I wish anyone best of luck in finding a legit copy. If anyone thinks they did in fact find a good copy, don’t horde haha, share in the comments.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Skrillex Ft. The Doors – Breakn’ a Sweat (Rip)

MUST DOWNLOAD: Gorillaz – Dare (Gangsta Fun Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Rednek – Attention All Jumpers

DOWNLOAD: The Prodigy – No Good (Arkasia Remix)