Electronic | Egzod & Sinego Tap Into Latin Vibes In Bass-Influenced Single “Patience”

Posted by on August 11, 2019

Two friends and two electronic artist who have decades of experience collectively between them have fused styles on “Patience.” The single features a Spanish verse which ties right into the narrative presented by the lyrics. In terms of the instrumental, the beat has a well-structured flow to it that enhances the sing-along nature of the gritty beat underlying the topline. The bass acts as a power center while the melody enchants the ears. “Patience” fits many settings, potentially please folks ranging from music discovery nerds to music-dependent gym-addicts. With that said, Egzod and Sinego nailed multiple pleasure centers with this one.

Sinego built his fanbase on Latin-leaning dance songs bursting with originality and spirit. After quickly garnering multi-millions of streams over the course of several months, his effort in areas such as brand identity and video content made him a serious personality with social currency to spare today, in particular within Hispanic/Latino audiences.

Egzod continues to grow in fanbase of cinematic melodic bass fans, with over 40 million plays, festival/club dates under his belt, substantial licensing deals, and averaging around 1 release a month year-round, Egzod is more often in your feed than not.

Chill | Somaphiq & CVTRIN Take Park In Sinego’s Remix Pack For “Sofia”

Posted by on October 2, 2018

Somaphiq & CVTRIN are two acts in their beginnings but given their recent alliance with Sinego, things may be taking off quicker than previously thought. Sinego has been in the game for a few years, releasing a handful of singles that achieved the multi-million mark, including releases with singer Leo The Kind and producer Egzod. As for his single “Sofia,” months after the release, it has crossed the 100K mark on Spotify alone and continues to grow, making sense to expand the vision more so. Somaphiq and CVTRIN provide a noble service in this regard, taking “Sofia” and flipping it in a way that represent their own style.

“Sofia (Somaphiq Remix)” adds a slow-motion future-bass vibe to the original, while CVTRIN goes in a heavier direction, showcasing much more grime, grit, and even hard-rock work in the background – Sinego accompanies CVTRIN on his remix. Sinego, Somaphiq, and CVTRIN all have audible commonalities between them which makes this remix pack even more righteous and organic. Click through above to learn more about each artist.