Dubstep | Aerosmith – “Dream On’ (GRiZ Remix)

Posted by on September 7, 2011


At work we listen to Frank FM, those of you on the Cape know, but for the rest of you they play every hit. Dream On is played often and no more than a week ago I thought, damn someone needs to make a good remix. GRiZ went the extra mile and instead made a SICK remix.

DOWNLOAD: Aerosmith – Dream On (GRiZ Remix)


Dubstep | Katy Perry – E.T. (Noisia Remix)

Posted by on August 28, 2011

This video is SICK. I’m not going to lie, my mom loves this show so I watch it all the time and secretly dig it. I missed this performance but have since made up for it by watching it ten times over, you should and probably will do the same. Everything from the ET remix (posted below) to the lighting effects is insanely awesome. Don’t pass this one up. For more filthy Dubstep, click – HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Katy Perry – E.T. (Noisia Remix)DOPE!

Hip-Hop | Big Sean ft. Chris Brown – My Last (Video) & More

Posted by on March 25, 2011

Above are the visuals to Big Sean’s My Last featuring Chris Breezy. It’s the lead single of Sean’s Finally Famous album, which officially drops May 3rd. After being pushed back several times, I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for it’s release. Below is Bobby Ray’s response to a diss line made by Tyler the Creator of Odd Future in his Yonkers (@ 1:52) song. To be honest I’m surprised B.o.B took the time to respond…

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – No Future (Odd Future Diss) SICK

DOWNLOAD: Ya Boy ft Gucci Mane & Gudda Gudda – Cocaina

DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown – All About You


Dubstep | NBR2 Ft. Moufy – “Lifestyle” | Dubstep

Posted by on March 17, 2011

NBR2 are the winners of the Na Palm “Party Two Days Straight” remix contest. Moufy sounds SICK on this chill dubstep beat. The verses are taken from Moufy’s “Party Till We Pass Out.” The beat is a work of art on its own. After hearing this track all there is left to say about these winners is, #WINNING.

DOWNLOAD: NBR2 Ft. Moufy – Lifestyle (Clubstep)

Dubstep | Subskrpt, Messed, Kill Paris, and Dream | Dubstep

Posted by on March 15, 2011

Major Lazer remixes are always SICK. This one keeps that nice reggae vibe while adding some CHILL dubstep beats.

DOWNLOAD: Major Lazer – Cashflow (Subskrpt Remix) – MUST DL

Adele is an INCREDIBLE musician, and to make remix of this track is like a dream come true. I love how the build up to the dubstep maintains most of what the original track offered. Even once it drops this remix still keeps what we all love in her tracks.

DOWNLOAD: Adele – Someone Like You (Messed Remix) – WOOF

You rarely see a good remix of another remix, but when an artist can pull it off you get AWESOME tracks like this one.

DOWNLOAD: Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All (Kill Paris Remix of Sigma Remix)

This last track in the post is most definitely for the AVID DUBSTEP LISTENER. SEXY vocals and GRIMEY beat, this track is FILTHY.

DOWNLOAD: Ghost – FairyTale Ft. Misty Miller (Dream Remix) – AVID LISTENERS

Electro | Phil Monnerat, Henry Blank, and Dirty Alcorz | Electro

Posted by on March 3, 2011

BIGLIFE put up the original of this track a few weeks ago and it was straight FIRE. Phil Monnerat makes some nice electro remixes. This is by far one of the best hes made. He spices up the beat a little bit and of course amps these HOT vocals.

DOWNLOAD: Zoe Badwi – Freefallin (Phil Monnerat Vocal Mix) – MUST DOWNLOAD

This is such a strange post for me because I don’t consider myself a vocals person, I am usually about the beat. This track has the whole package, SICK electro with some AWESOME vocals to match. What more could you ask for…

DOWNLOAD: Stee Wee Bee feat. Snyder Ray – Leaving (Henry Blank Remix)

Yes, another “Just A Dream” remix. Before you skip over this track because you think you have heard too many of these, just press play and skim through. I almost made the mistake of looking over this SWEET remix.

DOWNLOAD: Nelly – Just A Dream (Dirty Alcorz Remix)

Dubstep | Her Majesty and The Wolves – Glaciers (Roksonix Remix) & Many More | Dubstep

Posted by on February 1, 2011

“Glaciers” has taken the dubstep world by storm. The original caught the attention of the public with its slow chill beats and those hot vocals. Now Roksonix has made this SICK remix and I can’t keep my ears away from it.


DOWNLOAD: Her Majesty and The Wolves – Glaciers (Roksonix Remix)MUST DOWNLOAD!


DOWNLOAD: Bingo Players – When I Dip (Dillon Francis Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Heroes & Villains – Na Na Na Remix

DOWNLOAD: Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (DJ Kue Remix)Surprised DJ Kue made this, dubstep picks up more at 2:40

DOWNLOAD: Sandstorm (Vaski Remix) – Darude – Goes Hard