House | Don Diablo Will “Never Let You Go” With New Remix

Posted by on June 10, 2015

Don Diablo is insane. Guy is a just a machine when it comes to these remixes. He doesn’t ever drop a bad tune. Do you know how hard that is? Set to release on June 14th, Don Diablo gets recruited by Rudimental to take their tune to a whole new level. Don Diablo is life. Don Diablo is fire flames.

Exclusive, Featured, Hip-Hop, Mix, Trap | FNT Premiere: Star.One The Future FM Mix

Posted by on July 9, 2014


Sibling duo Star.One have become starlets of the UK underground scene, but that title is starting to lift as their influence begins to expand beyond the underground niche and travels across the channel to Europe and beyond. Having already gotten steady looks from British radio and some major media mags & publications, the duo are spreading their wings are making waves across the music community. The duo have created a rnb infused trap / hip hop, garage and grime sound that is quintessentially British.

We are happy to partner with The Future FM to premiere a new mix from Star.One that takes you under the hood for what type of tunes they are digging now. It also includes 3 exclusive new remixes and edits that you will be hearing here first. So stream this below and watch their new video for “Birthday” as they ready their upcoming “Elements” mixtape. Tracklist after the jump.


Progressive House | Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Mack And Jet Set Vega Remix)

Posted by on June 20, 2014

BailandoFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

With 1 day away from Summer, I will make my announcement now and I don’t care who’s judging: “Bailando” by Sean Paul featuring Sean Paul, Gente De Zona, and Descemer Bueno is this Summer’s hit record, and Mack And Jet Set Vega’s progressive house remix takes it to the clubs! All I see when I hear this tune is everyone looking fresh and sexy, having a great time on a hot Summer night, and heck it’s Friday, so hopefully this one inspires you to go out tonight and enjoy the night, or heck save it for the car ride on the way to the beach tomorrow morning, you’re going to love it! This is a must listen!


Progressive House | Katy Tiz – The Big Bang (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix)

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Katy Tiz - The Big Bang (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Summer is gearing up to having a big radio hit on its hands with Katy Tiz’s latest release “The Big Bang,” and the original version is cool and all, but this progressive house remix by Katy Tisz just makes me think of late nights in the club, lasers shooting everywhere, epic synths, ladies moving sexily, the whole package! They say progressive house is dead, but I don’t believe it, how can you go wrong with melody and feels? This remix is too dope. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Katy Tiz – The Big Bang (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix)

Events | Electric Zoo Announces Phase 2 Lineup

Posted by on May 28, 2014

alesso electric zoo
Phase 1 brought headliners like Kaskade, Alesso, Armin van Buuren, Sasha and Jack U to Randall’s Island over Labor Day weekend, but now Phase 2 adds another 60 names to the mix to help fill out the increasingly stacked lineup for Electric Zoo this year. It has been well-documented the increased security measures that E Zoo will have this year, shortening the festival by two hours and adding a lot more on site law enforcement and medical personnel among others. Hopefully though, we will be able to focus on the music and not on all of the headline grabbing things that have beleaguered electronic music this time around, so be smart and read on for the lineup additions which includes names like Jamie XX, Ame, Audien, What So Not and many more. Go on grab tickets, including single day passes if you fancy one day more then the rest.


Pop | Fitz and the Tantrums – The Walker (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix)

Posted by on May 19, 2014

Fitz and the Tantrums - The Walker (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix) Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

I have a feeling you’re going to be hearing this remix/track a lot this Summer, it’s infectious, and it’s made for radio! Mack & Jetset Vega recently remixed Fitz and the Tantrum’s “The Walker” into a fun catchy electro-pop record that is due out May 27th under Atlantic Records. This may be your first listen by Mack, though you’ve surely heard one of his mixes on the air, having been a resident DJ for many years down in Miami, and Philadelphia, and recently he joined Hollywood Hamilton at The Remix Top 30 in NYC, the second biggest syndicated radio show, as their resident DJ, so you’re going to want to pay attention! This is a must listen!

Progressive House | Danzfolk – Osiris

Posted by on May 13, 2014

Danzfolk - Osiris
I have been telling you all about these guys and slowly people are starting to listen, but not like they should be. Their productions are polished beyond their years and only get better each time. This is the third and final tune in their “MYTHOS” trilogy, that took us from the high seas, to the shores of Crête to now the underworld of Egyptian mythology. As they explain,

“Osiris’ was the god of the dead, and ruler of the underworld. Throughout the height of Egyptian civilization, Osiris was the primary deity. In power, he was second to only his father, Ra, and was the leader of the gods on earth. Osiris resided in the underworld as the lord of the dead, as after being killed by Set, even though he was a god, he could no longer dwell in the land of the living. After Osiris was killed, Isis resurrected him with the Ritual of Life, which was later given to the Egyptians so that they could give eternal life to all their dead. The spells and rituals cast by Isis, plus many others given to the people by the gods over the centuries, were collected into The Book of the Dead. In the underworld, Osiris sits on a great throne, where he is praised by the souls of the just.

The tune has a strong Middle Eastern flavor to it with a strong, bouncy and bodacious bass line and a well-crafted melody. All three tunes in the series are must downloads and this is the cherry on top.

Free Download: Danzfolk – Osiris