Bass | Shuz Stands Out On Ruchir Remix EP With Twist On “Young N Poppin”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

There’s few artists who can take on the saturated world of trap music and who are today recognized as a fast rising envelope pushers, but this in part is the reputation solo DJ/producer Shuz has developed for himself. “Young N Poppin (Shuz Remix)” gives a glimpse into the dynamism and originality Shuz brings to the table, on both the part of intensity and distinguishable ‘trap’ elements. The remix goes off, slapping with a vengange most won’t soon forget. A deeper diver into Shuz’s roster boasts AIA releases, Joyryde/Skrillex remixes, and an expansion of an explosive, fun experience.

Having his music supported by artists like Ekali, Max Styler, and Fabian Mazur at festivals such as TomorrowLand, EDC, and ADE, Shuz has a story to tell, and fans are tuning in release after release to hear more of it.

Future Trap | Ruchir Drops Uplifting Future Bass Single “So I’m Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh”

Posted by on August 29, 2017

Ruchir has a little bit of something that all uplifting dance music fans can relate with, via “So I’m Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh,” the on point future bass track that proves Ruchir has consistent talent. His previous release got supported by some of the biggest names on SoundCloud and undoubtably thrived on the online platform, clearing over 850K plays. Ruchir is just starting out and have some serious momentum already, time will tell if he has all the key elements that make an audience stick and the vision grow.

You can stream “So I’m Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh” by Ruchir in full above.