Interviews, Videos | Music Talks: Mac Miller Interview

Posted by on July 25, 2012

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A friend of mine hit me up telling me he had been working diligently on a new independent interview series highlighting some of the hottest young stars in the music industry.  Initially I was skeptical of the idea and even more so of the execution.  That was until I finished reading the lengthy email and fixated my eyes on the interview featured above.

Executive Producer, Julian Patterson, has spent the last 8+ months constructing an independent team of talented entrepreneurs, the force behind this exciting new series, Music Talks.  From director Andrew Zenn to producers Rosa Barney, Eric Wahlberg, Will Berkowitz, & Jeff Rutkowski, the team has delivered a fun, fresh, and informative approach highlighting the bright faces of today’s industry.  The light fare of questions are heavily based around discovering more about the personal side of each artists career and life, something many fans don’t know much about.  Per usual, Mac keeps it G and answers the questions with his good sense of humor, keeping a smile pasted on host Rosa Barney’s face throughout the interview.

For those of you asking “What’s next?”, Music Talks will be bringing new interviews every month for the foreseeable future, including that Swedish sensation _ _ _ _ _ _, NYC electronic duo, The K_ _ _ _ _, along with many other big names in the game.  #MusicTalks

Hip-Hop, Videos | Mac Miller – Loud [Music Video]

Posted by on March 25, 2012

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Since Mac dropped his funky new mixtape, Macadelic, on Friday, he has done over 200k DL’s on Datpiff, 40,000 on HNHH, and several thousands more on other sites, there’s no question Mac’s mixtape game is among the game’s best.  Macadelic is arguably better than his debut album, Blue Slide Park, which by some was considered a downgrade from his previous mixtapes, “Best Day Ever”,  “K.I.D.S.”, & even “The High Life”.  Personally I think Mac’s content has gone more mainstream which in some ways is understandable seeing as his life has taken a major turn since his high school days.  Despite the impressive features Mac added to his roster for Macadelic, I’d still take K.I.D.S. over this any day of the week.  That’s not to say this wont grow on me over the next couple weeks (as Mac’s music typically does for me), but I’d still spin the money clip Mac over the million dollar Mac any day.

As for this video; macnificent.  The colors and lighting alone make a great fit for the project and track.  This is definitely the biggest banger on the tape and one that has definitely continued to grow on me.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez)

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Macadelic [Mixtape]

What’s your favorite project by Mac?

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Mac Miller – Macadelic [Mixtape]

Posted by on March 23, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Macadelic [Mixtape]

The day has finally arrived, Mac Miller’s fourth mixtape installment Macadelic is in our hands after multiple setbacks and datpiff crashing as usual. I’ve just started listening to the tape and I’m liking what I’ve heard so far. Definitely refreshing after Mac Miller’s debut album, Blue Slide Park which in my opinion wasn’t what I was expecting. Not saying I didn’t enjoy some of the songs, but The High Life and K.I.D.S were a different caliber. Mac also linked up with a couple artists I wasn’t expecting, Kedrick Lamar & Lil Wayne. He also released the video to hands down the biggest banger on the project, “Loud” but it looks like YouTube has pulled it for violating the terms of service. I’m sure it will be back up soon. Listen to this mixtape and get Macadelic in the meantime!


Hip-Hop, Videos | Mac Miller – Party On 5th Ave (Music Video)

Posted by on October 27, 2011

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After hearing the rip of this track after it’s Hot 97 debut on Tuesday, Mac gives MTV the honors of releasing the official video.  This marks the third official single off Mac’s debut album, Blue Slide Park, and I believe it’s produced by E. Dan.  As BIGLIFE was saying the other day, I’m not sure this album is going to live up to it’s hype.  It’s hard to say because Mac’s mixtapes have been absolute gems, which makes me wonder, did he set the bar too high for himself?

I respect the fact that he’s not featuring any other artists on the album, which is extremely rare, especially for a debut album, but judging by what I’ve heard so far I’m slightly disappointed.  Frick Park Market is my favorite of the three tracks released to date and that hook sounds dangerously similar to “Donald Trump”.  I think Mac’s verses on “Blue Slide Park” and “Party On 5th Ave” have been on point, but the hooks are less than I expected.  In Mac’s favor, his single’s always seem to grow on me, so hopefully that’s the case with these.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Blue Slide Park thus far?

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Party On 5th Ave (Radio Rip)

Hip-Hop | Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera & Mac Miller – Moves Like Jagger (Remix)

Posted by on September 29, 2011

 You know life is good when you’re 19 years old and the band holding the number one song in the country is asking you to hop on a remix.  When Mac first publicly announced he would be appearing on Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera’s remix to “Moves Like Jagger”, the song was at the #2 spot on the Billboard charts.  Since, the song has climbed to #1 overall just in time for Mac to lay down his ever so witty vocals.  Take a listen and know Mac Miller is coming for you whether you like it or not.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera & Mac Miller – Moves Like Jagger (Remix)

In other news, Mac has launched one of the most unique album release proposal in the history of hip-hop.  While Mac is still only signed to his indy label, Rostrum Records, he’s got some freedom to do really, well, whatever the hell he wants.  Mac took to his social networks to announce that he will release his album the moment his pre-sales reach 100,000, regardless of whether that comes before the previous release date of November 8th.  With that, at 25,000 pre-sales, Mac Miller release the title track, “Blue Slide Park” and at 50,000 he will donate $50,000 to charity.  Pretty clever if you ask me.  So go ahead and pre-order your copy of Blue Slide Park HERE ON ITUNES.

You can also find the official, featureless, track listing after the break! READ ON >>