Electro-House | TJR – What’s Up Suckaz

Posted by on July 22, 2013

TJR - What's Up SuckazThere are few who can survive working with Mr. Worldwide with their artistic reputation almost entire unscathed. TJR did just that because the tunes he makes are so unique to him, that you accept one chance to get paid and exposed to millions of new listeners like that. “What’s Up Suckaz” is his latest single on Chris Lake‘s Rising Music, a relationship that has worked very well for both parties, that evokes the style that we have grown fond of hearing from TJR. With a bouncy bass line, gritty, grinding saws and well placed vocal samples, this track is a unique cut and sure-fire hit in a climate where watered down hardstyle kicks and triplets are easiest road to mainstream dance music success for producers.

Beatport: TJR – What’s Up Suckaz

Electro-House | Chris Lake & Marco Lys – La Tromba (Chris Lake & Nom De Strip Remix)

Posted by on June 1, 2013

Chris Lake & Marco Lys – La Tromba (Chris Lake & Nom De Strip Remix)As I said, I would be back with some Beatport releases, but this one is worth it. There have been very few this week, but give this one a shot. Rising Music boss, Chris Lake teams up with Scottish producer, Nom de Strip to revamp Chis Lake’s 2009 collaboration with Marco Lys “La Tromba” or for everyone who’s Italian is a bit rusty “Trumpet”. Nom de Strip, who is still riding high on the success of “Techno Saturday” brings that style to this track, melding his gritty electro sound with Chris Lake’s diverse melodic styles.

The track keeps the important horns from the original, while adding a burly low end and subtle nuances that make this remix an outstanding tribute to this 2009 original that has stood the test of time. Doing these types of remixes can be a tricky business because they may ruin the original, but this one adds a different feel and brings back the memory of the 2009 track.

Beatport: Chris Lake & Marco Lys – La Tromba (Chris Lake & Nom De Strip Remix)

Electro-House | Lazy Rich – Brainfreeze

Posted by on January 21, 2013

Lazy Rich much like Wolfgang Gartner, is revered by other Djs for the quality of the productions and “Brainfreeze” is a prime example of that. Lazy Rich contrasts melodic builds with gritty drops of grinding electro saws and powerful bass lines that make this one of the premier releases on Doorn Records in the past few months. With a collab on the way with Syn Cole, a remix for Wideboys and a single on Chris Lake led Rising Music set for release next month, Lazy Rich is wasting no time making his mark on 2013.

Beatport: Lazy Rich – Brainfreeze


Electro-House | John Dahlback – Panic / Whats Up Now

Posted by on October 2, 2012

John Dahlback’s triumphant return to Chris Lake’s music, takes the form of a superb, genre melding two track EP, “Panic / Whats Up Now”. It is really rather incredible how John Dahlback can be getting all of these tracks released in such short span of each other with “Sing That” getting released last week, and “Zeus” not three weeks before that and to jump between styles the way he does shows just how creative and talented a producer he is. “Panic”, as previewed in his 2012 preview compilation, features jarring, grungy synths and pounding bass, while the second track, “What’s Up Now” infuses acid with strong basslines and an aggressive vocal.

Beatport: John Dahlback – Panic / Whats Up Now

Electro-House, House | LAZRtag – Let Me See Those Hands (Hot Mouth Remix)

Posted by on July 26, 2012

Hot Mouth, One half of LA Riots, has released his remix of LAZRtag’s single “Let Me See Those Hands” using a distorted hip hop vocal sample that helps carry the percussion based build into a hard drop of horns and pitched synths. This song is a great change of pace from your normal progressive tracks and modern talking / massive pack electro house tunes that I enjoy, but a change from time to time is always good. Check it out on Beatport below with the original mix and a nice Moombahcore mix from ETC! ETC!.

Also included are two originals from Hot Mouth with Chris James of “The Veldt” fame on vocals that gives us a build based around a guitar melody and Chris James’ vocals, with a drop of funky, chopped electro house stabs that are perfect for a club. Federico Scavo gives the track more of a tech twist, which works very well as it is a song that lends itself to a tech remix.

Beatport: LAZRtag – Let Me See Those Hands (Hot Mouth Remix)

Progressive House | Mario Larrea feat. Jennifer Levy – Belief (Original Mix & Chris Lake Edit)

Posted by on July 9, 2012

Chris Lake and the team at Rising Music bring the fire with this latest release from Mario Larrea. With a catchy, driving hook, powerful vocals, and a pounding four-on-the-floor break after the drop, “Belief” seems tailor-made to stir up a crowd. Chris Lake’s edit gives Jennifer Levy’s vocals a slightly more stripped-down backdrop but still keeps the energy level high. Real talk, there’s also something about this that reminds me vaguely of 90’s eurodance (particularly at the bridge) — perhaps it’s the quality of Jennifer Levy’s voice or the generically feel-good lyrics. I can’t put my finger on it. But regardless, I’m feeling it.

Beatport: Mario Larrea feat. Jennifer Levy – Belief (Original Mix & Chris Lake Edit)

Electro-House | Lazy Rich and Hirshee feat Amba Shepherd – Damage Control

Posted by on June 4, 2012

Lazy Rich has done his fair share of quality remixes and original tracks, but has never been able to break into mainstream conscious of EDM fans. He is recognized for his production prowess, but has not had a string of incredible productions or an album to put him on the map like some others. “Damage Control” is not guaranteed to be the track that sends him down that road, but it certainly has a chance. A complex lead of intricate key work, a varying bass line and Amba Shepard’s blissful vocals that crescendos into a signature Lazy Rich drop of grinding, distorted low end synths and driving bass with a big room interlude gives Lazy Rich the opportunity to make the most out of 2012.

Lazy Rich and Hirshee feat Amba Shepherd – Damage Control – Beatport Link