TJR – What’s Up Suckaz

Posted by on July 22, 2013

TJR - What's Up SuckazThere are few who can survive working with Mr. Worldwide with their artistic reputation almost entire unscathed. TJR did just that because the tunes he makes are so unique to him, that you accept one chance to get paid and exposed to millions of new listeners like that. “What’s Up Suckaz” is his latest single on Chris Lake‘s Rising Music, a relationship that has worked very well for both parties, that evokes the style that we have grown fond of hearing from TJR. With a bouncy bass line, gritty, grinding saws and well placed vocal samples, this track is a unique cut and sure-fire hit in a climate where watered down hardstyle kicks and triplets are easiest road to mainstream dance music success for producers.

Beatport: TJR – What’s Up Suckaz

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