LAZRtag – Let Me See Those Hands (Hot Mouth Remix)

Posted by on July 26, 2012

Hot Mouth, One half of LA Riots, has released his remix of LAZRtag’s single “Let Me See Those Hands” using a distorted hip hop vocal sample that helps carry the percussion based build into a hard drop of horns and pitched synths. This song is a great change of pace from your normal progressive tracks and modern talking / massive pack electro house tunes that I enjoy, but a change from time to time is always good. Check it out on Beatport below with the original mix and a nice Moombahcore mix from ETC! ETC!.

Also included are two originals from Hot Mouth with Chris James of “The Veldt” fame on vocals that gives us a build based around a guitar melody and Chris James’ vocals, with a drop of funky, chopped electro house stabs that are perfect for a club. Federico Scavo gives the track more of a tech twist, which works very well as it is a song that lends itself to a tech remix.

Beatport: LAZRtag – Let Me See Those Hands (Hot Mouth Remix)

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