House | Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky

Posted by on April 18, 2013

Daft Punk Get Lucky

Finally after the charade of various undetermined radio rips, edits and remakes, we have the finished, otherworldly product from the robots, Nile Rogers and Pharrell Williams. While it seems like the radio rip coming from Canadien and Dutch stations were real, with whirlwind of speculation and fabrication on a level we have never seen for one song, caution was probably the best course of action. Columbia may have been the driver behind all of this to get the anticipation for this album to a fever pitch and it seems to be working. The vocal hook “We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky” will be everywhere for months and years to come, and will for sure be a track played everywhere this summer. The mixture of an intoxicating groove, the smooth vocals from Pharrell and the robotic edge provided by Daft Punk makes this an instant classic in their proud discography. Get the song immediately because at the end of the day we’re up all night to get lucky.

iTunes: Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky

Electro-House | Kaskade – Llove (Dada Life Remix)

Posted by on September 18, 2012

I have mixed feelings on this remix. Banana warriors and all-around mischief makers Olle and Stefan have been dropping this into their live sets for a while now, and I always feel like they’re inflicting a lot of cruel and unusual punishment on the crowd under the pretense of riling everybody up. Why? Two words: Denied. Gratification. Maybe it’s just me here, but when I hear “Llove,” all I want is the chorus. The full, unadulterated chorus, in all its soaring, chills-inducing glory. I expect that chord progression; it’s what I’m waiting for as soon as Haley’s verse kicks in. So when I don’t get it, I feel incredibly unsatisfied. Now, I get that we’re dealing with a very different musical animal here, but still. Am I just being a purist? I leave it to you to decide.

Beatport: Kaskade – Llove (Dada Life Remix) (or download the free rip from Coachella below)

Drum & Bass, Electro-House, Indie, Review | The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. 1

Posted by on April 24, 2012

Wow! This is The M Machine’s second great release in row off of OWSLA. I really enjoy the strength of the Indie on this release. Most of the tracks are Indie Dance and Electro-House/Indie, with of course the one Drum & Bass gem they seemed to have snuck on. ‘Immigrants’ is quite the track to kick off ‘Metropolis,’ it even has that vibe as if you are going through a city. I would love to see some visuals done up for this track because it is just an awesome banger. Another hot and heavy track is ‘Black,’ you could rip up a dance floor with this track.

‘Deep Search’ is a pretty cool Indie Dance track, I like how just seconds into the track it busts into the beat. ‘Faces’ and ‘A King Alone’ swing much closer to the Indie side, but are incredible tracks to chill out to. The last track on ‘Metropolis’ I believe to be a follow up on their previously released, ‘Promise Me A Rose Garden.’ Instead of dubstep though, ‘Shadow in the Rose Garden’ is an incredible Drum & Bass jam. I just wish it was longer than 3 minutes. ‘Metropolis’ as a whole is a great listen, work of art from The M Machine.

Purchase Metropolis Pt. 1 On BEATPORT or iTUNES


Electro, Electro-House | Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Landis Remix)

Posted by on November 24, 2011

This is a dope electro remix of Calling by Landis. R3hab’s remix still has the top spot in my opinion for the best remix of this song, but Landis did a great job on this one as well. This one has a heavier electro sound to it, almost something you would hear from R3hab. Either way this track is sick and as a little added bonus, I uploaded a rip from R3hab’s Escape from Wonderland set of his and Swanky Tunes Calling remix for all of us who are impatient.

DOWNLOAD: Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Landis Remix)

BONUS: Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (R3hab & Swanky Tunes Remix) (Escape From Wonderland Rip)

Electro | Coldplay – Paradise (Tiesto Remix)

Posted by on November 7, 2011

Tiesto, back with another one of his signature sounding anthems over Coldplay’s hit single Paradise. Although this is a radio rip it builds anticipation for the final release coming shortly. Still as of now, I’d say Fedde Le Grand still holds the title.

Download: Coldplay – Paradise (Tiesto Remix)

Cover | Timeflies – I’m On One

Posted by on November 1, 2011

Timeflies flipped the script a little bit this week with their Timeflies Tuesday installment by doing an absolutely FILTHY cover of a personal fav, “I’m On One”. Do yourself a favor and tune into this… We will be dropping the Mp3 this week so hold off on throwing a low quality rip in your iTunes library.

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Progressive House, Videos | Avicii – Levels Official Version

Posted by on October 31, 2011

Finally get rid of that live rip or whatever you have and behold the song of the year in its full glory. This is not out yet in the US/UK zone, so when it does come out on Beatport/iTunes make sure you buy it and support Avicii. Here is the iTunes link. I also included the radio version for those who cannot wait for the drop.
DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Levels (Original Version)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Levels (Radio Edit)