House | Oliver Heldens Releases Second Single As HI-LO “Renegade Mastah” On Heldeep Records

Posted by on July 24, 2015

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After claiming HI-LO as his bass-heavy alter ego, Oliver Heldens finally sees the official release of the first single on his artist imprint, Heldeep Records. Coming from HI-LO just as expected, “Renegade Mastah” is the futuristic version of a song that has been a staple in EDM’s historic rise. HI-LO takes us back to a time where raving in warehouses was illegal, but the raw, unrefined nature of the gatherings was the point of appeal. We only received a preview when the news was initially announced, but Oliver Heldens now lets us in on his HI-LO masterpiece. “Renegade Mastah” can be found on Beatport for official purchase.

Bass | Oliver Heldens Reveals Himself As HI-LO, Previews Inaugural Heldeep Records Release “Renegade Mastah”

Posted by on July 7, 2015

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It’s safe to say that the ZHU trend is alive and well. Within the last year, dance music has been experiencing an influx of mystery producers, like marshmello and ATTLAS, who choose to remain nameless, often prompting Internet detectives to go searching for their true identities. The Internet water cooler gossip only heightens with each release, and self-proclaimed experts begin speculating as to the identities of these mystery producers, claiming that Skrillex is actually marshmello, or that deadmau5 is ATTLAS. When the mysterious bass house producer, HI-LO, surfaced a few months ago on Mad Decent, the Internet went searching for clues as to his identity, and it looks like they’ve hit the nail on the head as to who he really is – Oliver Heldens. The Dutch phenom revealed himself as the mastermind behind HI-LO, and unveiled his newest single, “Renegade Mastah,” which will be the first release on his recently-announced Heldeep Records. “Renegade Mastah” builds on the bass house sound that Heldens explored in “Crank It Up,” as he borrows the familiar vocal sample from “Renegade Master” by Wildchild. The track is due out on July 20th via Heldeep Records.