Electronic | juuku Comes “Alive Again”

Posted by on April 26, 2022

Another emotional banger by the mysterious / anonymous DJ and producer, juuku. The new single “Alive Again” highlights his go-to production style that is hybrid sonically and emotionally. Taking elements of trap, electronica, and various other sub-genres, is a mixing pot of glorious sounds. Tune in to “Alive Again” above now and check out a quote from juuku on the release below the review!

“this song was the first song i made after going through crippling anxiety and depression late last year. i felt so numb to things and felt like a shell of myself during that time, but there was this one glimmer of hope that i could never describe pulling me back into who i felt i lost. awake again reminds me that no matter how long you think you’ve left something, there is a glimmer of hope deep inside – waiting to be awakened again” – juuku

Chill | Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY Pair Up On Melodic Dance Single “Reminds Me”

Posted by on April 5, 2018

Continuing their growing success with #1 Spots on iTunes and Spotify, Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY team up with Em Applegren for their newest track “Reminds Me.” This smoothly composed track has elements of groove and deep bass accents that keep the rhythm of the track at top levels while giving it a unique flair to keep it interesting. With exceptional vocal work by the Scandinavian singer, “Reminds Me,” the track contains all the features to become a favorite.

With recent big collaborations, Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY  are working hard on their upward trend. Ccontinued releases of expertly crafted music like “Reminds Me,” joining their prodigious arsenal of songs, it makes easy to imagine what new heights of success the duo will reach.