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Posted by on December 22, 2013

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2013 was a year of many momentous things. Including the insanely awesome above shot, which was taken by yours truly with a cracked iPhone (and it’s frankly still a mystery as to how I managed to pull it off. I mean, look at that thing. That thing is next level. Eat your heart out, Rukes). In keeping with all the seasonal nostalgia, here are my picks for the best tracks of the year.


Electronic, Progressive House | Pryda – LYCKA

Posted by on November 21, 2013

Collab post from your favorite Swedish partners in crime, Mimada & Rebecca.

”Anyone who listens to this show regularly or knows me personally, will know how I feel about Pryda”, was one of the comments from Zane Lowe on Eric Prydz’s booming hit, “Power Drive.” Tong has never been quiet with his worship of Prydz, and nor have we. This latest release, “LYCKA,” uploaded yesterday for the crowd to indulge in, gives us 100 more reasons to go on about the man and his almighty talents. In fact, Zane Lowe and BBC Radio 1 have already deemed this the “Hottest Record In The World.”

The title LYCKA, which is ”Happiness” in Swedish, fits the track like a glove, as Prydz now has opened the shutters to his dark (but oh so lovely) California studio. Pryda describes to Lowe his inspiration for the track in a brief interview below, claiming he was simply in a “good place” when he produced this project. And boy do the good vibes radiate through this sound. LYCKA is light, uplifting, just pure bliss, which is much needed in this pitch-black Swedish winter. This guy always knows how to provide listeners with what they need to warm their hearts.

Stick around to catch the interview at the end of this journey of a track, because you will be listening to the friendly voice of the most modest, down to earth DJ in the world. Enjoy his epic work below.


Progressive House | Pryda – Allein

Posted by on May 14, 2012

After seeing Eric Prydz last weekend at Inox Festival, I could not help but simply be blown away at the mastery of this legend in the live arena. He is a reserved man who is not going to get on top of the decks and pump up the crowd with ridiculous stage antics. He simply lets his music and his 1922 commemorative Yankees hat do all the talking for him. “Allein” will be one of the bigger hits from his upcoming 3 disk 39 song album Eric Prydz Presents Pryda set to release in one week on May 21st. “Allein” gives us a steady yet subtly complex bass line with an emotive synth melody and a repeating vocal bit to enhance the melody and takes you one step closer to total bliss. Make sure you have checked out the album preview to be ready for May 21st.

Eric Prydz – Allein – Beatport Link


Albums, House | Pryda – SW4 + Album Preview

Posted by on May 8, 2012

Eric Prydz, under one of his two monikers Pryda, the other being Cirez D, has released a single that was country restricted for a day, but is now available for the whole world to enjoy in its full glory. This is what we have come to expect from Pryda with some of the most complex melodies in the business, a chugging bass line and complex layering that make his style truly unique in today’s modern dance scene.

Also if you somehow had not heard about the biggest album to be released in dance music in probably a decade, well Pryda will be releasing a TRIPLE 37 SONG album on May 21st and May 22 in the US. This album brings together songs he has released over past several years, a huge number of tracks fans have just been wanting for years and brand new tracks under his Pryda sound. Listen to the album sampler below and just be blown away at the pure mastery of this man and if this does not convince you to go see him at Identity Festival this summer, I am not sure what will. Though his set was not recorded this past weekend at Inox Festival, I can assure that he is one of the best sets you will see. Another preview from album and the tracklist after the jump.

Pryda – SW4 – Beatport Link

Preorder album


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Posted by on June 14, 2010

Not sure whether it’s the blonde foreign girls or the song played in the beginning, but this video/vacation is just ridiculous (I think I’ve watched it 30 times now). The first song posted is the intro song in the video and the rest are all must haves. Don’t sleep on any of these!

Download: Pryda – Miami to Atlanta
Download: Mr. Westmore – A Milli vs The Longest Road (BEST A MILLI REMIX OUT)
Download: Justin Timberlake ft Timbaland – Carry Out (VINDATA REMIX)