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Posted by on May 8, 2012

Eric Prydz, under one of his two monikers Pryda, the other being Cirez D, has released a single that was country restricted for a day, but is now available for the whole world to enjoy in its full glory. This is what we have come to expect from Pryda with some of the most complex melodies in the business, a chugging bass line and complex layering that make his style truly unique in today’s modern dance scene.

Also if you somehow had not heard about the biggest album to be released in dance music in probably a decade, well Pryda will be releasing a TRIPLE 37 SONG album on May 21st and May 22 in the US. This album brings together songs he has released over past several years, a huge number of tracks fans have just been wanting for years and brand new tracks under his Pryda sound. Listen to the album sampler below and just be blown away at the pure mastery of this man and if this does not convince you to go see him at Identity Festival this summer, I am not sure what will. Though his set was not recorded this past weekend at Inox Festival, I can assure that he is one of the best sets you will see. Another preview from album and the tracklist after the jump.

Pryda – SW4 – Beatport Link

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Disc 1:

01. Shadows
02. Agag
03. Beyond 8
04. Javlar
05. Sunburst
06. Hardrock Lausanne
07. You
08. SW4
09. Leja
10. Mighty Love
11. Allein
12. You Interlude
13. Pjanoo (Eric’s Intro Edit)

Disc 2 – Retrospective Mix Part 1:

01. Lesson One
02. Miami To Atlanta
03. Genesis
04. Rakfunk
05. Europa
06. Aftermath (Eric Prydz Edit)
07. Frankfurt
08. Armed
09. Reeperbahn
10. Muranyi
11. Paolo Mojo – 1983 (Eric Prydz Remix)
12. The Gift

Disc 3? – Retrospective Mix Part 2:

01. The End
02. Rymd
03. Waves
04. Emos
05. VIRO (Eric Prydz Intro Edit)
06. Glimma
07. Juletider
08. With Me
09. 2Night
10. Melo (Eric Prydz Special Edit)
11. M.S.B.O.Y
12. Mirage

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