Hip-Hop | Phil Ade- Let It Shine

Posted by on November 14, 2011

This little light of his is definitely going to shine. With R&B Beats, old school spit game and a catchy chorus with backup vocals, Phil Ade knocks it out of the park once more. Reminiscent of old school Kanye, Phil is progressively maturing as an artist.


Download:  Phil Ade-Let It Shine (Dirty)

Hip-Hop | Hip-Hop Update: Nicki, Wayne, Big Sean, Phil Ade, Wale, Chip

Posted by on October 17, 2011

Nicki revisists her acting side as she addresses the public as Lil Wayne.  As much as I love Nicki, I was kind of disappointed by her ability to impersonate him.  Sure she had some gestures and sayings down, but I feel like she could have nailed the head a little harder.  Nonetheless, you think Weezy was there for this?  Will he take it with the grain of salt it’s intended to be taken with? Is Nicki the new face of Young Money?

Usually it’s a toss up whether or not I like Bow Wow.  He recently dropped his latest single featuring his father figure, Lil Wayne.  I have to say Bow Wow nails this one and actually leads me to believe he’s got some of his childhood swag back.  MAYBE.

DOWNLOAD: Bow Wow ft. Lil Wayne – Sweat (No DJ)

Here’s a remix of Miguel’s latest solo hit, “Quickie”.  Sean Don adds a pinch of G.O.O.D. for this slow hip-hop/rnb hit.  You can always count on Big Sean for an on point verse when it comes to something girls, hoes, sex, or any combination of the three.

DOWNLOAD: Miguél ft. Big Sean – Quickie (Remix)

Phil Ade drops some educational bars for all his college girls.  Taking a trip to several campuses, the Maryland native chirps off about all his lovely college coeds.  Not sure where this track is destined to land, but I’d guess Ade’s got a new mixtape on the way.

DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade – College Girl

Wale recently stopped by The Come Up Show to debate trap music vs. his work with Ross.  He goes on to share Rozay easily has 33 cars, but who didn’t already know that?  While he was on the show, he dropped some Ambitious bars for Cosmic Kev.  On top of that, here’s a new cut from Chip Tha Ripper, which also features Wale.  I haven’t been a huge fan of Chip since his early days, but he has a decent showing on this Boi 1da produced track.  Wale still kills it.  Ambition, November 1st.

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Cosmic Kev Freestyle

DOWNLOAD – Chip Tha Ripper ft. Wale – 25 Wives (Prod. by Boi 1da)

Hip-Hop | Kendrick Lamar, Jelani, and more | Hip-Hop

Posted by on June 5, 2011

Lyrical Hip-Hop:
Kendrick Lamar keeps true to his classic Hip-Hop roots. Shoutout to my boy Oliver on the find. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Hiii Power

Again, another song reminiscent of classic Hip-Hop. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Jelani – Japanese Architecture (prod. by Durkin)

Chill beat, smooth flow. 4/5
DOWNLOAD: Nexx Level – Hella Dope (feat. SpaceKid)

Summer Rap:
Phil Ade raps, beats by Mark Henry. Check out both for sure.
The first one samples Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound.” 4/5
DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade – Speed of Sound (prod. by Mark Henry)

Sperry season, get it. 5/5
PREVIOUSLY POSTED: Phil Ade – Second Chance (prod. by Mark Henry)

Beat-based Rap (Milder than Trap music):
This beat goes hard. Even E-40 does his thing. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Problem – Potion (feat. Bad Lucc & E-40)


Hip-Hop | Phil Ade, 50 Cent, and Jerkin’ Music | HIP-HOP

Posted by on April 25, 2011

“Second Chance” by Phil Ade. Summer party. Sperry season. Get it.
DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade – Second Chance (prod. by Mark Henry) – ILL

50 Cent takes us back to the past with an old school flow.
DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent – Keep It Coming

This beat goes hard, if you’re that kid who jerks at parties, this is your jam.
DOWNLOAD: Cliff Savage – Sick The Bros