Hip-Hop, Videos | Jody Highroller Get Cozy, Freestyles For Pitchfork

Posted by on August 21, 2012


Is this the greatest Jody Highroller interview of all time or is this the greatest Jody Highroller interview of all time? I didn’t think anything could top the Fader interview. I really didn’t. Then Jody goes and does this. This is the perfect interview to see whether or not your friends are cool. Make them sit down and watch it. If they don’t laugh, they aren’t cool, and don’t deserve your friendship. Period. End of story.


Videos | Trevor Wesley – The Most Wonderful Time

Posted by on December 16, 2011

I usually hate what I get in my inbox. Just terrible music submission after terrible music submission. People thinking I owe them something, people requesting I send them beats, people asking me if I can bring the rice out. You name it, it’s been asked. Enter, Trevor Wesley. Not penetrate him, but you get the idea. This guy can sing. Period. I dig this guy’s swag too. It’s off the charts, no homo. He’s got the bowtie going with the fresh tweed blazer. Talk about sartorialist.

Putting my professional music blogger cap on, the video isn’t what it seems on its face. Sure, it’s a fun video of Trevor walking around interacting with various characters including but not limited to Jesus, but it also raises questions about consumerism, the reason for the season, and conspicuous consumption. Many themes in this video, many themes. That’s what separates the bloggers from the blogstars. As a bonus, I’ve included the mp3 for your listening pleasure. Follow Mr. Wesley on Twitter and tell him the good folks at FreshNewTracks sent you. Cue W8 rant about consumerism in 5..4..3..

DOWNLOAD: Trevor Wesley- Most Wonderful Time

House | Bob Sinclair ft Raffaella Carra – Far L’Amore | HOUSE

Posted by on March 26, 2011

Bob’s the man. Period.

DOWNLOAD: Bob Sinclair ft Raffaella Carra


Electro | Dan Balan – “Chica Bomb” | BANGER

Posted by on February 11, 2011

Hottest music video you’ve ever seen. Period. I love everything about this from the girls to the bangin song to the girls to the headphones to the girls. It’s all just perfect. Shouts to Pat F, I’ll be sending him a free tank for this one. “I’d say my favorite part of this music video was probably 0:00 to 3:24”.

DOWNLOAD: Dan Balan – Chica Bomb (Chew Fu Remix) — MUST DL!

Albums | GYEW Wednesday

Posted by on August 18, 2010

Get Your Ears Wet Wednesday

This remix is wild. Period
Drake – Find Your Love (Radioaktive Remix) (4.5 Stars)
Chill track, with a solid back beat and smooth vocals
Guru Josh feat. Lauren Rose – Frozen Teardrops (Da Brozz Melody Remix) (3.5 Stars)
Benassi Remixes a hit by this rising star
Fedde Le Grand & Mitch Crown – Rockin’ High (Benny Benassi Remix) (4 Stars)
Sunlovers rarely disappoint
Paul Attrax – Like A Bitch (Sunloverz Remix) (4 Stars)
Another chillin song
Groove Coverage – Innocent (Bodybangers Remix) (3.5 Stars)