Hip-Hop, Videos | OnCue – New Religion [Music Video]

Posted by on July 6, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”dUzjw16Sm40″/]

It’s refreshing knowing when OnCue is readying a new video release, you can always expect something that strays from the norm. Videos can at times be extremely repetitive, but when you have the ability to create an abstract video such as “New Religion”, you differentiate yourself from the rest of the league. Cuey stays high on his young-n-up-n-comin-sh*t by delivering a video like nothing I’ve ever seen before. ART. This is just another reason why Cuey is always so high on my totem pole of up and coming artists. Credit director Adam Ross with another job well done, along with producers Just Blaze and Party Supplies with a bangin’ instrumental.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – New Religion (Prod. by Party Supplies & Just Blaze)

FYI – Cuey is no longer @MyNameCuey but now he is officially @OnCue | Follow Here