Hip-Hop, Rap | .OZ x DreDream – Made Men (feat. Rick Ross) [Remix]

Posted by on September 23, 2014

.OZ x DreDream [Remix] - Made Me (feat. Rick Ross)

This is probably .OZ‘s biggest sound yet, and when I say big, I mean more along the lines of it BANGS. This remix is the perfect integration of original sound vs new sound. I feel like a lot of artists are trying to hit that medium recently and .OZ along with DreDream have accomplished it nicely. After the release of his first EP 4 months ago “Just Kick It”, .OZ plans to come back with singles stronger and headier than ever before.

Electro, Exclusive, Featured, Hip-Hop | FNT Exclusive: .OZ – Just Kick It Remix EP

Posted by on May 2, 2014

.OZ Just Kick It Remix EP


After listening to this EP, you’re going to be wondering why you hadn’t discovered this bedroom producer far earlier in your music listening career. Formally known as .OZ and currently stationed in the Phoenix locale, though native to LA, he is attending The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences refining and expanding his style while developing himself as an artist.

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My first real encounter with .OZ was on one of my random summer mornings about a year ago now where I had one of my YouTube channel subscriptions playing, chilling on my patio, with the music in the background really – I wash’t paying that much attention to it. It had been awhile since a song had played that I had caught my attention so I was just about done with the station I had been listening to when Marvin Gaye’s “Sunny” familiar tune started playing and it’s probably a sin to skip that song so I left it on, not noticing that it was a remix. Within a minute, I was frantically running back to my phone, dying to know who had made much such a integrative, banging, song ~ I immediately went to his SoundCloud feed and pressed Follow.

As the months went on, I saw him post new material and slowly but surely he built himself a nice collective of songs that were of legit quality and are on a level that I feel like everyone can connect with, which is something that is hard to capture nowadays because of so many subgeneric artists. And after I reached out to him to get his first EP drop ever as a FNT exclusive because it’s just too good of a project to go unnoticed, I didn’t regret it a single bit.

Though he should be known as The Last Honest Producer, he formally goes by Moises Godoy. After linking up and getting a feel for his style, I can easily say he is one of the dopest, most down to earth, selfless producers I have ever got the pleasure of meeting. Not simply because he’s truly passionate about the music that he makes, but because he actually put’s some conscious thought behind the music that he’s making. It’s like he’s taken the essence of the original and put some special sauce on top to take it to the next level sort of deal.

The “Just Kick It” Remix EP is a compilation of .OZ’s interpretation of the things going on around him over the past year and a mastered product of his musical ear. Fresh New Tracks has the pleasure of sharing this EP with you exclusively via our SoundCloud feed.

If you like what you hear here, his next venture is to drop a Original’s EP in about a month which will probably be nothing less of impressive after what he’s dished out so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if this new kid on the block breaks out into the industry soon enough.

Hip-Hop | Neon Indian – Polish Girl (.OZ Remix)

Posted by on December 4, 2013

Almost everyone is familiar with Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl” that’s taken over the music streams all over the internet. Here’s a fresh start with this track though with the original remix from .OZ. With a more hip-hop undertone and slow swing, it’ll have you vibin’ the whole song.


Chill, Trap | Marvin Gaye – Sunny (.OZ Remix)

Posted by on November 19, 2013

#Throwbacks are the best. Especially this one. Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sunny’ is probably one of his more well known songs as the years have passed since his peak in the music industry, but .OZ has found a way to revive this track back to life. Adding a heavy drum & bass trap beat over the upbeat sample, this is too catchy not to like. Anyone with a love for classic sounds and trap beats will not get enough of this song. The original track released by .OZ features DOZA, a selected rapper, but the web has got its hands on the vocal-free version and it goes.