Drum & Bass | Feint & MYLK Team Up On Drum And Bass Banger ‘Beyond’

Posted by on July 13, 2023

Feint and MYLK have skillfully crafted a new drum and bass single, “Beyond,” that is both energetic and profound, embodying the fluidity of their sound. This high energy single encapsulates a cinematic musical narrative, as it balances rhythmic intensity with soothing harmonies, making it a riveting exploration of their musical capabilities.

The percussion work in “Beyond” is a testament to their command of drum and bass, featuring intricately woven patterns that drive the track forward. This intensity is contrasted beautifully with the inclusion of smooth, harmonious female vocals, which bring a unique serenity to the track.

Feint is known for many things, a part of his achievement list includes being one of Monstercat’s longest running artists on the roster. MYLK has must-hear’s under her belt like “Outbreak” and “Magic,” – her catalog has plenty of cues within that make it feel like one part of a greater whole.

“Beyond” serves as a milestone in their evolving musical journey, bringing a catchy edge to the genre of drum and bass, while promising more innovative endeavors from both artists in the future. As such, it is an essential addition to the collections of discerning drum and bass aficionados worldwide.

Chill | MYLK’s “Summer Day” Combines Genres From The East And West

Posted by on June 26, 2017

Singer, songwriter, and producer MYLK sets a new standard with her latest release “Summer Day” featuring Tom Sloan. Using her skills behind the boards to blend elements of electronic, folk, and kawaii into a seamless mix, “Summer Day” brims with positive energy and crossover appeal.

With head-nodding simplicity and elaborate vocal-sample buildups, MYLK keeps the listener engaged throughout with her impressive range of compositional skills. Using English and Japanese lyrics to make her music is accessible to a wide range of audiences, MYLK stands out in a crowded industry and appears destined to dazzle listeners from all over the map.

Chill | MYLK Makes Best Release Yet With “Prism”

Posted by on March 10, 2017

100% Japanese but born and raised in Britain this energetic artist MYLK brings us her new track entitled “Prism.” Featuring bubbly and happy go lucky vocal chops with sweet harmonious melodies MYLK is certainly an artist to look out for. Having just released “Daydreamer” on London based label Kinphonic, MYLK is back again with “Prism,” which will be out on Ivory Oasis, a sub label owned by the Artist Intelligence Agency family. The track features her own vocals and production (which is not easy to do) but she accomplishes it flawlessly with this down to earth, yet spunky tune.

MYLK recently started her production career but has already been acknowledged and supported by artists such as: Fox Stevenson, Fient, Slow Magic, WRLD and more. This track features beautifully written Caribbean style stabs with a pop oriented drop that will make anyone ready to jump out and go enjoy life. With clean and precise production skills paired with a exciting and soulful voice, MYLK is on her way.


Electronic | MYLK’s Kawaii Themed Single “Candy Pop” Is Super Catchy

Posted by on November 23, 2015

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The British-born, fully-Japanese DJ/producer MYLK has dropped a dreamy, cloudy single “Candy Pop,” the single pieces together catchy drums and lead synths with dance music elements many of us love.

MYLK’s mixture of Kawaii aesthetics, bass, and video game-like music is peculiar to say the least. It’s something that has created moments where I get a song or two stuck in my head, staying there. With a unique sound and brand, MYLK’s “Candy Pop” will make your day brighter.