Chill | Sound Remedy and Illenium team up to give us a Melodic Dubstep masterpiece

Posted by on May 18, 2015


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Sound Remedy

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King Deco

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Sound Remedy and Illenium are two the of best at creating Melodic Dubstep, so when I found out the two were going to team up, I knew the result was going to be something amazing. “Spirals” featuring King Deco has definitely surpassed my expectations. The track perfectly combines Sound Remedy and Illenium’s distinctive styles, and was beautifully written by Deco and her co-writer, Kinetics. Deco’s vocals really shine here, and the sentiment will certainly resonate with its listeners. These artists have given us plenty of free music in the past, so be sure to support their newest release on iTunes.

Buy: Sound Remedy & Illenium – Spirals (ft. King Deco)

Dubstep | Phear Phace – Leave Me Alone Ft. Jake Page

Posted by on September 30, 2012

Phear Phace usually does a bit of Drum & Bass, Neuro-Funk, and filthier Dubstep but today he gave away this sweet, smooth dubstep freebie. He takes Melodic Dubstep to a whole new meaning with the heavy bass used on this track. It comes in like a storm on a quiet day while you sit an awe at the silent and deadly beauty it carries.


Dubstep | Dear Reader – Great White Bear (SizzleBird Remix)

Posted by on September 27, 2012

I have been following SizzleBird for sometime and time and time again I have posted some Drum & Bass of his, but today I bring you an incredibly emotional Melodic Dubstep remix. The original is a very deep acoustic track, depicting the story of a sad man who falls in love with a woman he wasn’t supposed to. Being familiar with the original and it’s music video, SizzleBird did an absolutely amazing job remixing this track. He kept a lot of samples from the original and created an amazingly smooth drop leaving the bass to only empower not overpower the vocals, as most producers seem to make the mistake of doing when creating a track like this.



Dubstep | Tritonal – Still With Me Ft. Cristina Soto (Seven Lions Remix)

Posted by on September 3, 2012

Seven Lions will always be one of FNT’s favorite Melodic Dubstep producers. Since being discovered about a year ago, Seven Lions has brought incredible emotion to the Dubstep community. He has taken the charts by storm, bringing tears to the eyes of even the most seasoned Melodic Dubstep veterans. He just has a great feel for the music he produces, gaining tons of fans on a daily basis. This newest release from Seven Lions is one of the most beautiful he has ever created. My own eyes even watered to the amazing emotions he has fortified in this remix. If you don’t know who Seven Lions is yet…what is wrong with you!