Bass, Trap | Hydraulix Releases Bass-Heavy Multi-Genre EP Entitled “Kingdom”

Posted by on July 2, 2018

Bass music is an ever evolving genre, clearly Hydraulix has come across a multitude of genres and influences in his days for something like Kingdom EP to bind it’s roots and eventually make it’s way out of him. Hydraulix showcases many styles in the EP, the music also sending a message that he’s not about one vibe when it comes to what he represents. The sick 3D artist and diverse beats create more than a lasting impression that parallels the music in surprising ways, props to Hydaulix for digging deep and making something strong for the long term.

Freestyle, Hip-Hop | Rook – Kingdom & No Church (Freestyle)

Posted by on June 1, 2012

My dude Rook doesn’t swing often, but when he does he takes a big cut.  His most recent track, “No Church (Freestyle)”, is a prime example of Rook jockin’ an industry beat.  Maintaining an urbane tone with his words, the Cambridge, MA native punishes the 88-keys production with insightful and clever lyrics.  The second track, “Kingdom” is an original, which will be featured on his upcoming mixtape entitled, MixedApe.  With this, Rook does his part in putting New England on his back and continue to build his kingdom.  It may be a long time coming, but who’s sleeping on Rook!?!?

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