Electronic | KIIRA “After Hours” Strikes Unique Balance Between Modern Genres

Posted by on May 30, 2020

With a growing selection of music continuing to mount under the solo singer as the years pass, “After Hours” strikes a fascinating balance of making an all-her-own sound shine while incorporating production elements from many modern popular genres, including dance, pop, and indie.

Interconnecting these elements in way that fits her, KIIRA continues to make her mark, more recently with “After Hours” taking the focus of the now.

With an overall growing alias and hundreds of thousands of plays to her name, KIIRA is becoming a clear ‘not to miss’ artist in 2020.

Chill | KIIRA Kills IT With Sensual Single “Four Letter Word”

Posted by on July 16, 2019

With sing-along ability and a relatable, modern deep influenced chill beat, KIIRA’s “ Four Letter Word” comes attached with many highlights that play into why this single sticks so well. Atmospheric affects and reverb/delay layered on the vocals sedate the listener from start to finish. The single is a strong follow-up to the recent success “Worry“ which has acclaimed well over 1 million streams. KIIRA is laying some interesting groundwork to say the least.

KIIRA seems to be one who’s crafted works sure come together organically and in good time. She’s worked with Grammy winning producers and writers who have written along side A-list names such as Odesza. KIIRA has much figured out already and it’s going to be a fascination to see were things go.