Electro-House, Videos | Lektrique Is The Chosen One In New “Shred” Music Video

Posted by on April 20, 2017

Often times producers don’t just have the talent of making music. They often have hobbies on the side and for Lektrique, his is skateboarding. Followers of his social media are familiar with his aptitude for tearing up the street with his gnarly moves; if you don’t follow him, you should. Not only should you for his fine tricks, but for his music. Although there are no tricks in his new video for the single “Shred,” we get a nice little story to augment the ferocious electro original. Complete with a cameo from Black Tiger Sex Machine of Kannibalen Records, this is nothing more than a playful expansion to an already fun project. Enjoy the video and head over to iTunes or whatever store you prefer for a copy.

Lektrique – Shred: Download/Stream

Bass, Electro | Kai Wachi Frees More “Demons” With BTSM, Liquid Stranger & More

Posted by on April 12, 2017

Kannibalen Records keeps up their hot release schedule with a fire new EP from Kai Wachi and company. Officially taking on remix duties were Black Tiger Sex Machine, Liquid Stranger, SQUNTO and NuKid. If you’re a fan of bass music, this EP will serve you like no other. BTSM’s signature ferocious style comes out in full with their electro take, while Liquid Stranger infuses some classic dub sounds into his flip. SQUNTO delivers a headbangers dream with a vibrant remix and NuKid gets groovy with one of the best remixes on the project. Check out all four today and get a copy of the EP. It’s well worth it.

Kai Wachi – Demons Remixes EP: Purchase

Chill | Dabin’s Two Hearts LP Is An Emotional Masterpiece

Posted by on March 31, 2017

Dabin has always been someone we’ve looked to for a high level of musicality. His tracks have always had a certain edge that only a select amount of producers have. We thought things couldn’t get any better, but they did when we heard his highly anticipated album, Two Hearts, that dropped today through Kannibalen Records. Complete with eleven singles, this massive project is just what EDM needs right now. Sure, it’s not your typical “EDM” but the scene at large really needs music like this. With tracks like “Lilith” and “Hold” this LP is a complete masterpiece. At no point do you feel you need to skip to the next song, which is a sure sign you have something special. Stream Two Hearts today and get a copy below before you head out!

Dabin – Two Hearts: Purchase LP


Electro, Trap | Dabin Unveils Mega Collab Off LP With Apashe & Madi

Posted by on March 7, 2017

On March 31st, Dabin will be releasing his highly anticipated album Two Hearts through Kannibalen Records. Today we have the fortune of sharing with you what is likely to be one of the dopest songs off the project. “Lilith” sees Dabin collaborating with label mate Apashe, whose recent LP Copter Boy was a huge success. Their bass-driven styles work well together and after adding the incredibly talented singer Madi to the mix, the result was something extraordinary. “Lilith” is unlike anything my ears have been exposed to and it alone has me excited for the album. However, this is the second single that’s been released so far, and with each step towards the album the anticipation grows tenfold. Pre-order Two Hearts below now because you won’t be disappointed.

Dabin – Lilith feat. Apashe & Madi: Pre-Order LP

Electro-House, House | Sullivan King & Nightowls Bring The Heavy Heat With “We In Here”

Posted by on March 2, 2017

I’m going to have to preface this post because this song is not for the faint of heart. Who knew you could bring electro and metal together like this? I certainly didn’t, but I’m glad Sullivan King and Nightowls got together to make “We In Here” with vocalist Dan Rudd. Bass house has been a sound that many producers are leaning towards and this one certainly shares similarities, but they give it an even harder, darker edge that makes for the perfect party record. “We In Here” is just what the upcoming festival season needs. It’s something fresh and new that will blow fans away. Leave it to Kannibalen Records to put out the next level work.

Sullivan King x Nightowls – We In Here feat. Dan Rudd: Free Download

Bass | La Musique D’Ordinateur & ZESKULLZ Build One-of-a-Kind “Ravemachine”

Posted by on November 30, 2016

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Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Kannibalen Records is looking to end the year strong. They’ve lined up something special for December, but we can’t quite get into that just yet. In the meantime, we’ll dive into their latest release, coming from non-roster producers La Musique D’Ordinateur and ZESKULLZ. Although they’re not specifically signed to the label, the imprint couldn’t pass up on their collaboration alongside emcee Mikey Ceaser on “Ravemachine.” This one is really cool because you can clearly hear the classic influences mixed in with brand new sounds that you wouldn’t have heard several years ago. The mix of EDM with hip-hop is also a nice touch, making this one a standout record. Stream it today and get your copy below.

La Musique D’Ordinateur & ZESKULLZ – Ravemachine Feat. Mikey Ceaser: Purchase on iTunes

Techno | AGLORY Dive Deep Into The Darkness With MORT EP

Posted by on October 28, 2016

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AGLORY is world-renowned for their dark beats and unique brand. They’ve worked with the similarly blackened imprint Kannibalen Records before, but now the French duo have partnered with them on a solo EP. MORT is the project, packed with four singles that echo underground sounds that techno enthusiasts love to boast about. Only, AGLORY puts their own spin on everything they do, which is what sets this EP apart from a lot of the comparable records coming out. Each track is its own journey, taking the listener on a dreary ride through industrial basslines and savage soundscapes. If you’re a fan of techno, things don’t get much better than this EP. AGLORY and Kannibalen make the perfect match on this project, and we hope to see them together again soon.

AGLORY – MORT EP: Stream/Download