Pop | Josefine releases her sophomore single ‘Do It For Me’

Posted by on June 4, 2018

24-year-old singer/songwriter Josefine from Stockholm releases “Do It For Me,” produced by Justin Trugman, with production credit on the Backstreet Boys and Pitbull. Press play and get lost in the playfulness, sometimes you gotta do what’s right for you, and not for anyone else, but for yourself. This one is a must listen!

Chill | Josefine Collaborates With Award-Winning Artist On Single “Do It For Me”

Posted by on May 21, 2018

2018 bore witness to the marriage between an emerging talent and an industry veteran in the uplifting track “Do It For Me.” Featuring vocals by singer Josefine and Emmy award winning producer Justin Trugman. The single contains deep soulful lyrics alongside tight and optimized instruments that complement each other perfectly. The rhythm and choice of sounds reverberates with years of experience, giving emphasis on Josephine’s lovely voice.

Hailing from Stockholm, Josefine is a 24 year old songwriter and singer with solid track record and unique promise, putting out singles that have gone on to received millions of plays collectively. Likewise, Justin Trugman has produced for the likes of Backstreet Boys and Pitbull, providing an incredible canvas for “Do It For Me” to spread its incredible mix of talents. The single’s fusion of go-to pop elements paired with a keen sense of the dance music soundscape is infectious.

Chill | FNT Premiere: Josefine Pairs With Grammy-Winning Producer On New Dance Track “Where Do We Go”

Posted by on March 6, 2018

Singer/songwriter Josefine, who is currently on her sophomore release under this alias, has tapped Justin Trugman to help out on this single. Having a background in pop, Trugman plugs right in, bringing out the pop elements in this single and making the song explode with infectiousness. Josefine’s decades of practicing music with her family has blossomed into a fast-paced career with huge potential behind it.

“Where Do We Go” ends with tricky drum work, an anthemic bridge, and a final chorus that gives the single a unique full-circle felling. Josefine is on to strong things in 2018.