Hip-Hop | Jazz Cartier- Jet Plane

Posted by on February 27, 2012

Balancing a budding rap career and school is no easy task. Just ask the enigmatic Jazz Cartier, a Toronto native who is an amalgam of boarding school life and nostalgic Texas rap culture made popular by the late DJ Screw.

Building on his freshman project, “Losing Elizabeth”, Jazz comes off a brief hiatus to drop what presumably serves as a teaser for his upcoming “Marauding in Paradise” mixtape. Sampling Angus and Julia Stone’s “Big Jet Plane”, the track features production from Michael Lantz and details the rise and fall of a romantic relationship. He raps contemplatively, “The only girl that wants to study while her friends go and party/a plain jane think about you when it rains/I take it with a grain/and meet you on the plane.” Omitting a third and final verse, Jazz leaves the listener in suspense craving a resolution to the romantic encounter. It seems we’ll have to wait until “Marauding In Paradise” to find out how the story ends. In the mean time, be sure to follow Jazz on Twitter here. Life’s a wheel of fortune, and Jazz Cartier plans to spin it.

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Mixtapes | Jazz Cartier – Losing Elizabeth (Mixtape)

Posted by on September 22, 2011

“An album about a chick, that may seem stupid, but comprehend I am smarter than an AP student”- Jazz Cartier (Garden of Goliath)

Jazz Cartier aka JC aka Jaguar Jazzy aka The Black Zack Morris aka The Rap Pete Sampras aka The Black George Costanza aka The Rap Panda aka Jazz Kennedy…the list goes on. The road leading up to this release has been almost as long as his list of nicknames.  Fortunately, the wait is over and we have a very impressive project from young Jazz.  I’m not sure what they put in the water up in Toronto, but Jazz and Drake both know how to make that ever-so-deep relationship music.  At only 18, it’s safe to say this prep school pimp protege has had his hand in more relationships than you and I both.

One reason why I’m so impressed with this project is because every song adhere’s to one overall concept.  Many mixtapes & even albums today, especially early on in an artists career, consist of several unrelated songs thrown together under one umbrella.  Aside from Jazz’s ability to consciously rap about girls, relationship, life, & other significant concepts, he has a rare ability to deliver a work of art.  His distinct voice, humorous metaphors, & varying styles are what bring me closer to Jazz’s music.  I’ve been supporting Jazz since day one and although it’s been a long road to this point, he’s continually growing and soon will be able to put music at the forefront.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for Jazz and hope his next project another step up from this one.


DOWNLOAD: Jazz Cartier – Lost

DOWNLOAD: Jazz Cartier – Oliver Garden (Prod. by Lantz) (Dubstep)

DOWNLOAD: Jazz Cartier – Far Away

DOWNLOAD: Jazz Cartier – Visionary

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Hip-Hop | Jazz Cartier- Gold & Girls (And You Can Have)

Posted by on July 15, 2011

Jazz Cartier wet the bed until he was 12 years old. Shortly thereafter, he became an artist. He loves horror movies, beer, and admiring female fingers. He also has a knack for calling out thirsty bitches on his Twitter. Although originally from Toronto, Jazz is currently stationed in Houston where he can be found drinking copious amounts of purple drank on the weekends. Losing Elizabeth, the mixtape, drops August 1st. It’s going to be a hot summer.

DOWNLOAD: Jazz Cartier- Gold & Girls (And You Can Have) ILL

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Hip-Hop | Jazz Cartier ft. Lykke Li- We’re Strangers, Until We Bleed

Posted by on August 17, 2010

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard something from Jazz. Excuse the quality and lack of preview. It’s in wav. format. Jazz is all the way in Africa “polo-popping” at the moment and couldn’t have his engineer master it. Shout out to Chris on the assist.

Jazz Cartier ft. Lykke Li- We’re Strangers, Until We Bleed

Electro, Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | BroBible- Summer Mixtape

Posted by on June 30, 2010

BroBible hits up with 24 exclusive new bangers from the likes of Na Palm, Kinetics and One Love, That Kid C-G, Jazz Cartier, and much more. This is a mixtape you don’t want to pass up.

Download: BroBible Summer Mixtape MUST DL!