Hip-Hop, Videos | J. Cole – The Cure (Prod. by J. Cole)

Posted by on July 27, 2012

With an overwhelming industry shift over the past couple years, Roc Nation’s prince is finding himself having difficulty keeping up with the expected “standard” for new music.

“I ain’t drop nothing in a while because I feel like we in this digital age where sh– moves so fast,” he said. “N—-s got songs every week, you can’t even keep up with this sh–.” – J. Cole

Confidently taking a step back to plot his next move, Jermaine recently debuted a new verse from what’s presumed to be his next single, “Chaining Day” at DJ Spynfo’s Mic Check in NYC.  Showcasing the ice around his neck  both visually and verbally, J. Cole admits he has succumbed to the “rap star” image but takes an oath to return to being J. Cole, not just “that guy”.  Above is a picture I took of J. Cole while he was performing at the University of New Hampshire back in the spring, shining his $J,esu,spi,ece.   When I think of J. Cole, I think of that skinny rapper/baller wearing a black T two sizes too small.  Do I care if he’s conformed?  Do you care?  As long as his music doesn’t reflect his growing wallet, I could care less what he’s wearing.  Will “Chaining Day” force weak rappers into a noose?  Only time will tell.

*UPDATE* – Minutes after I published this post, Cole just dropped a new cut sampling The Throne x Beyonce’s “Lift Off”.  The Cole World CEO does some venting on “The Cure”, reassuring his fans he still has a lot to prove and there is plenty more fire on the way.

Watch/Listen to “Chaining Day” verse below!