Hip-Hop, Interviews, Videos | On The Spot Interview with Huey Mack [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on April 24, 2012

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I recently caught up with Huey Mack in Minneapolis while he was doing a show with Mike Stud. I came up with a list of random questions to throw at him to see what kind of responses I would get in return. This was only a couple days before the release of his new mixtape A Boy Named Hue, which was released on 4/23.If you still haven’t heard the tape, I highly recommend it. There are songs that are fit for any occasion including features from Scolla, Mike Stud, Mod Sun and more. You can preview the tape after the jump or download below!

DOWNLOAD: Huey Mack – A Boy Named Hue [iTunes]

DOWNLOAD: Huey Mack – A Boy Named Hue [Free]

Hip-Hop, Pop, Videos | Mike Stud – Boyfriend (Remix) [Music Video]

Posted by on April 1, 2012

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When I spoke with Mike Stud in the beginning of March he gave me the heads up that he would be dropping a new single every couple of weeks, and he wasn’t lying. Not only is he dropping singles, he’s continually raising the bar with each release. If you didn’t notice, on Mike’s last release “Is It Worth It” he tried his hand at singing and I’ve got to admit it was pretty good. Then I heard this song and he totally blew me away with it. He remixed Justin Bieber’s hit song “Boyfriend” and I’d say this is some of his best work and definitely a stepping stone in his career. Be on the lookout for this guy because a little bird told me he’s got some crazy industry moves on deck!

Hip-Hop, Videos | Mike Stud – Is It Worth It [Music Video]

Posted by on March 26, 2012

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Sheesh (pun intended), Mike Stud has been on a single releasing spree lately. Dropping numerous new songs in the past weeks such as Critic, Live Big, Nothing Back and now his newest hit, Is It Worth It. If you missed these tracks I put together a compilation of them you can download here. In case you didn’t already know, Mike has been making big moves such as signing with OCB management and also a production deal with a Bad Boy affiliate who’s yet to be announced. Get prepared because we are going to be seeing many more releases from Mike Stud in the future. This video captures pieces of his journey on the road throughout the A Toast To Tommy Tour. It even includes a few short clips from the interview I did with him a couple weeks back. If you haven’t checked that out yet you can do so after the jump!

DOWNLOAD: Mike Stud – Is It Worth It


Interviews | Mike Stud x Mod Sun [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on March 22, 2012

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I caught up with Mike Stud while he was in Minneapolis, MN on his Toast To Tommy Tour. He has to be one of the chillest guys that I’ve met. He was down with all his fans at the show, and took time to meet pretty much everyone that wanted. Not only was Mike Stud an awesome dude but DJ Fader was as well. These two as a duo on the road are unbeatable. They know how to have a good time and that’s just what we did!

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I also sat down with Mod Sun after the show. He was one of the opening acts and definitely “lived” it as he would say. He’s a great artist from Minnesota and definitely one of my favorite out right now. This interview was a bit out of control, but a great time nonetheless. Yes, I’ll admit we had more than one drink before we filmed this! It’s funny to see how my personality did a 360 in a matter of hours between filming these interviews. I brought up the topic of favorite upcoming artist(s) and it ended up turning into our favorite artists, haha. Shouts to Tayyib Ali, Sammy Adams, and Cam Meekins on this one!? Enjoy.

Shoutout to EXP Promotions and Freshletes!

Interviews | Timeflies Interview [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on February 29, 2012

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I recently caught up with Timeflies on 2/11 at their soldout show, which was held at the Skyway Theatre in Mineapolis, MN. We discussed Timeflies tuesdays, The Scotch Tape success, their music style and more. I’d like to thank EXP Promotions and Freshletes for putting this on as well as Timeflies for taking the time out for the interview! The video was shot and edited by Jon Murakami.

Hip-Hop, Videos | Gaines ft. Mod Sun – Party (Prod. Dae Walker) [Music Video]

Posted by on February 28, 2012

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My man Gaines drops new visuals for his “Party” track featuring Mod Sun. I actually came out for this video shoot and it was a great time. You can catch me in some shots wearing the Freshletes hoodie jumping around! This video was shot by 13twentythree and is another dope production of his, it fits the song perfectly. Overall the track is dope, Gaines and Mod Sun both hit it on the head! If you haven’t heard of Gaines you should check him out. He recently dropped his album, The Night Crawler you can get that here. Be sure to grab the mp3 download after the jump!

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