Freestyle, Videos | Timeflies: Episode 6 – Freestyle [The Clocumentary]

Posted by on October 4, 2012

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Far too often an artists “freestyles” are not actually freestyles.  While this art was founded off the skill of improvising over any given beat, far too often pre-written verses create a deceptive impression of the select artists’ capabilities.  Typically, you can tell if an artist is rattling off a pre-written verse, or if they’re spitting completely off the dome, but sometimes artists will mix pre-written bars with threads of free’s.  Cal, of Timeflies, is one young artist who actually “freestyles” when he claims to be.  The latest episode of The Clocumentary features Cal’s rare abilities to ad-lib whatever topics are being fed to him.  We all know, nothing gets a party or a live show going like a live freestyle.  Cal, props to you my friend.