Cover, Hip-Hop, Videos | Frank Ocean – Eyes Like Sky (Rendition) by SoMo

Posted by on March 10, 2013

Every Sunday night, I am hit with the blues. My weekend is coming to a close, normal life resumes tomorrow, and I must continue the mundane task that is school. But alas, I have a saving grace. Every Sunday in recent memory, SoMo has released a new rendition. SoMo Sunday has become a staple of my weekend, and I’ve even found myself looking forward to Sunday night…a little bit. This week, SoMo takes on a Frank Ocean track, which is an extremely daunting task. Frank Ocean is an incredibly talented singer, but also an incredibly talented story teller. He sings with emotion and passion, much like SoMo. I logged on to Twitter a few minutes ago, and saw that SoMo had posted the video 23 seconds ago, after clicking on it, I noticed that the YouTube comments were already filled with women swooning over this week’s SoMo Sunday. I am not afraid to admit that I’ve lost more than one woman to the voice of Mr. SoMo. Maybe next week he will take on a Mr. Steal Yo Girl song?

Cover, Videos | PropaneLv – Eyes Like Sky (Frank Ocean Cover)

Posted by on March 1, 2013

After PropaneLv & the LTRMN stirred up Reddit with their Harlem Shake Remix/Video last week, the singer/rapper takes it back down several notches and covers Frank Ocean’s new single “Eyes Like Sky”. Lv draws inspiration from the instrumental and melody then proceeds to make it his own, as usual.

Download: PropaneLv – Eyes Like Sky (Frank Ocean Cover)

RnB, Trap | Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Sivey Slow Burn Edit)

Posted by on November 29, 2012

Sex, that’s the best word I can use to describe this edit. Frank Ocean’s voice is already porn to most women as I imagine, so to have a smooth, chill edit like this just lightly touches that soft spot in your brain to get down. Well? What are you waiting for?

Free Download: Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Sivey Slow Burn Edit)


Hip-Hop | Frank Ocean – Blue Whale

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Leave it to Frank Ocean to put your mind and body in a speechless state. The message in this track is deep, his verses paint a picture of life and the hardships we run into as we live or even just worry about, but Frank makes sure to remind us “but life goes on pimpin, the wise don’t doubt it.” “Blue Whale” is just another great track to add to Frank’s already long list of incredible music.



Hip-Hop, RnB, Videos | Frank Ocean – Pyramids (Video)

Posted by on September 16, 2012

frank ocean [pyramids] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

Honestly there’s not much I can say about this video. Frank Ocean’s videos are always weird as hell and they make me cry out of confusion and I never understand what they’re about and I always feel like I’m missing something. I’m rambling. Well, I’ll let you try and interpret this ambiguous, yet wonderfully talented artist’s latest visual on your own. I mean, it’s on Vimeo, and it’s 8 minutes long. Good luck.

Dubstep | Frank Ocean – Pyramids (Baratone Remix)

Posted by on September 1, 2012

Hip-Hop fans be warned because you will probably hate this. On the other hand, Dubstep fans you are about to cream your pants. I not once expected this track to be remixed, now that it has been all want to do it click play over and over again. Frank Ocean is the true mastermind behind “Pyramids,” but I have to give a big shout to Baratone for the work they did with it. Baratone’s debut EP is dropping in just two days on September 3rd, this remix has definitely got me intrigued.


RnB | Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Posted by on June 8, 2012

I don’t need a snappy intro or hook to draw you in with this song. The song is by Frank Ocean, and that’s all you need to know. Frank doesn’t fail to impress with this one, the first single off of his upcoming album, Pyramids, is a hit. Heads up, the song is 10 minutes long, and it gets a bit repetitive at some points, but damn, is Frank Ocean a talent, this song perfectly showcases his songwriting and vocal abilities. He seems to have cut his public affiliation with Odd Future to a minimum, which shows he’s taking his career as a singer seriously, even if he might not be having as much fun as Taco, Jasper, Tyler and the rest of the gang. After hearing Pyramids, I can’t wait to hear his debut album, Channel Orange coming soon.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids: