Chill, House | Fenech Soler – Maiyu (Lane 8 Remix)

Posted by on March 26, 2013

Fenech Soler - Maiyu (Lane 8 Remix)Who doesn’t love Fenech-Soler, seriously. Every different vocal is an emotional classic. Lane 8 did a nice job on this remix, it greatly reflects the Fenech-Soler original with a very chill compliment in its progression. An all around beautiful remix and definitely a must download in my opinion.


Progressive House | Fenech Soler – All I Know (Paris & Simo Remix)

Posted by on January 23, 2013

A band familiar to quality remixes, Fenech Soler tabs Canadian duo Paris & Simo to remix their latest single “All I Know”, keeping the that tradition alive. Paris & Simo take full advantage of the vocals from the electro pop group, while adding their own uplifting melody, quick alternating bass line and an oscliating low end to this sublime track. As they follow up their remix of Usher’s “Numb” and with collabs with Vicetone & 3lau on the way, Paris & Simo look to have an even bigger 2013.

iTunes: Fenech Soler – All I Know (Paris & Simo Remix)

Dubstep | Fenech Soler – Demons (Minnesota Remix)

Posted by on February 1, 2012

I am dedicating this post to someone very close to me, they know who they are and thats all that matters. Your doubts and demons are only shadows of what you really are. Minnesota is one of my favorite producers, his California Dreamin’ remix is on of my favorite tracks. Demons by Fenech Soler is a great track to remix, and I am sure everyone is familiar with the Sigma remix. This remix from Minnesota is just as incredible as Sigma’s. The melodic vibe is kept the same, although I would argue Minnesota’s beat supports the vocals much better. This is all around another great remix.

DOWNLOAD: Fenech Soler – Demons (Minnesota Remix)