Exclusive, Featured, House | FNT Premiere: Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Leisure Cruise Remix)

Posted by on May 22, 2014

Dirty Vegas

Dirty Vegas first hit it big with their worldwide smash single “Days Go By”, but since have fallen out of the spotlight even breaking up for 3 years. However they are back with a new summer themed tune “Setting Sun” that has already gone sky high across the charts in Europe. The tune is getting a full two sets of remixes, first from Nora En Pure, Betoko & Chad Tyson, which come out on May 26th, and then another batch a short while later.

Along with Daddy’s Groove and Grum, Brooklyn based & Last Gang Music artists, Leisure Cruise are a part of that second wave of remixes set for release soon. The soothing, summer feel of the track is kept in tact, as the duo strip back a few of the elements and let the vocals and groove shine under a simplified melody. Stream this one here exclusively until it is released.

Deep House | Collin McLoughlin Releases Exclusive Mix

Posted by on May 6, 2014

Collin McLoughlin has been on a roll as of late. From headlining Mandala in Puerto Vallarta to dropping ID‘s with Dash Berlin, he’s quickly becoming an act to catch live. Earlier today, Collin dropped a brilliant future house / deep house mix that features Foamo, Julian Bashmore, and Karma Kid. Collin even included a never-before-heard collaboration with a notable deep house producer. You can catch Collin McLoughlin headlining live in Boston on May 14th at NAGA. Sit back and relax. You are now in the mix.

Electro, Exclusive, Featured, Hip-Hop | FNT Exclusive: .OZ – Just Kick It Remix EP

Posted by on May 2, 2014

.OZ Just Kick It Remix EP


After listening to this EP, you’re going to be wondering why you hadn’t discovered this bedroom producer far earlier in your music listening career. Formally known as .OZ and currently stationed in the Phoenix locale, though native to LA, he is attending The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences refining and expanding his style while developing himself as an artist.

SoundCloud | Twitter

My first real encounter with .OZ was on one of my random summer mornings about a year ago now where I had one of my YouTube channel subscriptions playing, chilling on my patio, with the music in the background really – I wash’t paying that much attention to it. It had been awhile since a song had played that I had caught my attention so I was just about done with the station I had been listening to when Marvin Gaye’s “Sunny” familiar tune started playing and it’s probably a sin to skip that song so I left it on, not noticing that it was a remix. Within a minute, I was frantically running back to my phone, dying to know who had made much such a integrative, banging, song ~ I immediately went to his SoundCloud feed and pressed Follow.

As the months went on, I saw him post new material and slowly but surely he built himself a nice collective of songs that were of legit quality and are on a level that I feel like everyone can connect with, which is something that is hard to capture nowadays because of so many subgeneric artists. And after I reached out to him to get his first EP drop ever as a FNT exclusive because it’s just too good of a project to go unnoticed, I didn’t regret it a single bit.

Though he should be known as The Last Honest Producer, he formally goes by Moises Godoy. After linking up and getting a feel for his style, I can easily say he is one of the dopest, most down to earth, selfless producers I have ever got the pleasure of meeting. Not simply because he’s truly passionate about the music that he makes, but because he actually put’s some conscious thought behind the music that he’s making. It’s like he’s taken the essence of the original and put some special sauce on top to take it to the next level sort of deal.

The “Just Kick It” Remix EP is a compilation of .OZ’s interpretation of the things going on around him over the past year and a mastered product of his musical ear. Fresh New Tracks has the pleasure of sharing this EP with you exclusively via our SoundCloud feed.

If you like what you hear here, his next venture is to drop a Original’s EP in about a month which will probably be nothing less of impressive after what he’s dished out so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if this new kid on the block breaks out into the industry soon enough.


Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | Andrew Rayel Exclusive Interview + Cielo Show Review

Posted by on April 17, 2014

Andrew Rayel BW_credit Armada Music-5

The Mozart of Moldova, the prince of trance, whatever you wish to call Andrei Rata, known professionally as, Andrew Rayel, it is abundantly clear the talent that is possessed by the 21 year old phenom. He has become the hottest up and coming talent in trance right now, with his tunes consistently being supported by your usual suspects of top DJs, culminating in a spectacular collab “Eiforya” alongside the trance Jesus himself, Armin van Buuren.

We were lucky enough to catch Andrew Rayel before his debut set here in NYC last Thursday and chat about being a college student, the upcoming album and much more. His set was a thing of beauty. 3 hours of nonstop action from start to finish, Rayel had a packed house all the way until the end of his set a little before 4am. His set included the fast paced styled mixing and loads of exclusive mashups that he is always making fresh, including one between “Bigfoot” and “Ping Pong” that really set the tone early on. He has become known for his gigantic melodies in the trance realm and has translated that to unofficial remixes for big time prog tracks like “In My Mind”, “Reload” and a new one “Under Control”.

andrew rayel

His artist album that you can see the teaser art below is set to hit stores near you at the very of May. Get ready because it is going to be something very special and not your standard club fanfare you see elsewhere. This will be different. Also can anyone figure out the last word? I have “Find Your H_ _ _ O _ _” and can’t figure out the last word.

andrew rayel find your harmony


Exclusive, Featured, House | FNT Exclusive: Pool – Lipstick (Liem Remix)

Posted by on April 7, 2014

FNT Exclusive- Pool - Lipstick (Liem Remix)
Rough weekend? Hate the fact it is Monday? Well here is something for you to ease your sense into the day and get your week kickstarted right. German alt-indie trio Pool recently released their single “Lipstick” to the acclaim of many across the internet space and now are prepared to start unveiling remixes for the tune. In comes Liem, who flips the tune totally on its head who except for the vocals and pitching the guitar lick remakes the tune in the vein of a chilled out house track with atmospheric synths and a well constructed bass line to fit the new tone of the tune. Grab this free download below for free exclusively here now!

Exclusive, Featured, Trap | FNT Exclusive: Havok Roth – Fear

Posted by on March 25, 2014

havok roth - fear
We first introduced you to Miami native Havok Roth with his “Elastic Heart” remix, but now the trap producer has graduated from remixes to originals. Just in time for the biggest party in dance music taking place right now in his hometown, he drops this huge original that shows his creativity and ability as a producer. He builds the tune around a vocal that Havok Roct says he “found lying around” and a foreboding melody over an energetic low end and intermittent bursts of unremitting 808s. Havok Roth was kind enough to let us premiere this huge tune, so grab it for free here now and be on the look for much more from this fast rising producer.

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Free Download: Havok Roth – Fear

Interviews, Progressive House | Exclusive: Don Diablo’s Top 5 Startlight Moments

Posted by on March 21, 2014

Don Diablo has been a vet of the game for some time now, but only now getting his due. He is a testament that overnight success take 5-10 years. His single with Matt Nash “Starlight (Could You Be Mine) from the summer was a big hit across the festival circuit and is getting a re-release. To celebrate, Don Diablo has told us his top 5 “Starlight” moments that include moments from Ibiza and the feeling of being accepted by “Axtone”. “Starlight” has been re-released on Ultra this week, so if you never picked it up go and do so now. Read those “Starlight” moments after the jump.

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