Freestyle, Hip-Hop | Elite – Grand Piano

Posted by on September 22, 2012

The succulent taste of diced pineapples is difficult to resist.  So difficult that Dreamville MC/Producer, Elite, decided to take a bite of the Cardiak beat.  Although we’re accustomed to hearing Elite rap over his own beats, he adds his own originality to the track by reflecting on his “Grand Piano”.  This ones not attached to any project in particular but Elite has assured me he has plenty of new music on deck.

P.S. That’s how you Instagram cover art.

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Hip-Hop | J. Cole – Visionz Of Home (Prod. by Elite)

Posted by on March 3, 2012

J.Cole-Visionz Of Home by freshnewtracks

J. Cole drops this in light of Dreamville Weekend in his hometown Fayetteville, NC. He’s doing this to support and give back to the community where he grew up. Cole visited a couple high schools in the city, including the one he use to go to. They also announced the official proclamation of J. Cole Day. Check out this Elite production.

Hip-Hop | Elite – Dreamer (Prod. by Elite) [Exclusive]

Posted by on December 30, 2011

There’s some artists that just can’t do wrong.  Elite has grown into one of those artists for me.  An inspiring artist, producer, engineer, & dreamer.  He has continually proven his value to me and his music is relative, something that’s too rare in today’s game.  This track is one that didn’t make the cut for Awaken, but it’s definitely still something you can vibe to.  Here at FNT we’re all about discovering the most promising talent and journeying with them to the top.  I don’t see a ceiling for Elite and hope you take the time to open your ears to him.  Enjoy this FNT exclusive and make sure to grab his very dope mixtape, Awaken, below.

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Dreamer (Prod. by Elite)

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Awaken [Mixtape]

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Hip-Hop, Videos | Voli, Brenton Duvall, Chris Webby

Posted by on December 22, 2011

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”mXQ2K42g3cY”/]

Voli is on fire.  Dropping this brand new track entitled ” Blood, Sweat, & Tears”, there’s no word where it will find a home, but one thing is for sure, it’s a gem. Fellow Dreamville artist, Elite, proved to he’s one of the hardest working individuals in the game and although it should not come as a surprise, Voli maintains a similar work ethic and skill level.  He himself dropped a mixtape just over three months ago, leaving no time for a vacation.  Self produced, this track is a x-ray into Voli’s life.  I certainly can taste the blood sweat and tears he leaves in the booth on this track.  The video is nothing like I’ve seen before.  Two thumbs up for director Patrick Florescio.

DOWNLOAD: Voli – Blood, Sweat, & Tears (Prod. by Voli)

DOWNLOAD: Voli – In The Meanwhile [Previous Mixtape]

When Brenton Duval is with us, he’s one of the best at what he does.  Unfortunately, we have not seen much of him over the past several months.  The game needs more original production remixes of up and coming artists work.  Here Brenton takes Cuey & CJ Luzi’s title track off one of the best mixtapes of the year (Download Here) and slows it down without compromising the quality.  A slower beat with a heavy hit from the bass really fits the song well and helps emphasizes the progression of Cuey’s career and how it is finally coming to fruition.  Cuey for breakout artist of 2012? Shout out to our friends at itsthebino for the premier.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Can’t Wait (Brenton Duval Remix)

Also fresh:

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – The Geoffrey

Yes it’s only been a couple weeks since Chris Webby released his debut EP, which premiered on iTunes and quickly climbed up to the #1 spot on the hip-hop charts.  Deeply distressed over a recent passing of a close friend, Webby found himself back in the studio sending his love through his words.  Produced by his tour DJ, DJ Semi, the track samples “The Kid’s Aren’t Alright” by the Offspring. Unfortunately, many of us can relate to this track.

DOWNLOAD:  Chris Webby – Fragile Lives (Prod. by DJ Semi)

Hip-Hop | Elite, J. Cole, Tinie Tempah

Posted by on November 30, 2011

Fresh off the release of his eye and ear opening mixtape, Awaken, Elite gives us a cut that didn’t quite make the cut for the mixtape.  I’m still completely blown away by the mixtape and it’s definitely among one of my favorite projects of 2011.  Expect more singles and bonus tracks dropping over the next several weeks and don’t expect Elite to slow down anytime soon.  The second track here is one which Elite featured a spot on D1‘s record.  D1’s smooth vocals coupled with Elite’s percussion backed verse make this another joint you don’t want to sleep on.

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Awaken [Mixtape]  MUST DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Watch Me

DOWNLOAD: D1 ft. Elite – Rehab

In addition to the above cuts from Dreamvillian, Elite, J. Cole recently featured on UK artist, Tinie Tempah’s single.  The track features another British artist, Wretch 32, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard from Cole and Tinie.

DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah ft. J. Cole & Wretch 32 – Like It or Love It

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Elite – Awaken [Mixtape]

Posted by on November 18, 2011

A couple months back when I introduced Elite to the FNT family, I explained his journey as producer and rapper along with his relationship with other artists such as J. Cole and Voli.  Since then, Elite has released a few more singles in preparation for his first project as a solo hip-hop artist, Awaken, which he dropped just a week ago.  It’s not fair to say his progression is overly evident because quite honestly the first time I heard him I was blown away.  Everything from his voice, to the lyrics, to the hooks, to the production, to the delivery has always been on point.  Awaken is a mixtape you ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT TO SLEEP ON.  Although it’s rooted with hip-hop, it almost has an alternative sound to it, similar to something OnCue may put together.  Speaking of which, I’d love to hear a collab from these two.

I’ve highlighted a few cuts below if you’re looking for appetizers, but I highly suggest just skipping to the main entré and downloading the tape in full.  #DreamVille

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Gone

DOWNLOAD: Elite ft. J. Cole – World Premier    DOPE

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Last Round (Same beat as Sam Adams’ “Just Love Here” off Boston’s Boy EP)

DOWNLOAD: Elite – One Night

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Awaken [Mixtape] 

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Hip-Hop | Elite – Gone + Voli – In The Meanwhile (Mixtape)

Posted by on October 6, 2011

J. Cole. Elite. Voli.  Most probably don’t know their relationship, but the three have all worked together in the past.  Cole has produced for Voli, Elite is signed to Cole’s label “Dreamville Records” and has produced for Cole, Voli has produced for Cole, Cole has been featured on Voli’s tracks.  You get the picture right?

AOL Music put together a short video of ‘A Day In The Life of J. Cole”, in which they followed him around on the day Cole World: The Sideline Story was released.  With 217,000+ copies sold in the first week, the album reached the #1 spot.  The world is indeed Cole. Here’s what Cole had to say on the day his project hit the shelves.

“Today, I feel like it’s a collection of all the work I’ve been doing over the years mixed with the past two weeks of promo,” Cole tells The BoomBox. “Like, now that it’s finally here, I’m physically exhausted.”- J. Cole 

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Playground (Prod. by Elite) (Older track)

Although Elite has made a career so far producing, here’s the first promising single off his mixtape, Awaken, due out November 11th.  By the sound of this track, he may have more than one lane to gain fame.

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Gone (Prod. by Voli)

Voli released his debut mixtape, In The Meanwhile, a couple weeks back but I continually forgot to share it with you guys.  Hip-Hop heads take note, Voli is the truth.  Here are of my few favorite cuts off the project…

DOWNLOAD: Voli – In The Meanwhile [Mixtape]

DOWNLOAD: Voli ft. J. Cole & Omen – Pity

DOWNLOAD: Voli – Stress

DOWNLOAD: Voli – StartYourOwnRebellion – New Religion

DOWNLOAD: Voli – Anytime He Goes Away