Drum & Bass | Spor – Silver Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)

Posted by on May 21, 2013

Spor - Silver Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)Damn, Masq has been releasing straight fire. After his incredible bootleg of Amon Tobin’s “Lost and Found”, I was extremely excited when I saw this was a bootleg of the legendary, Spor (aka Feed Me). I thought maybe this would have been more Neuro-hop considering his last few releases but I am happy to see he kept a Spor classic in good old Drum & Bass. Masq is just getting started, don’t miss out on his explosion into the music world.


Free Download: Spor – Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)

Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Preview | Rusty K – Freakuency

Posted by on May 13, 2013

Rusty K - FreakuencySpeaking of Neuro-hop, Drum & Bass producer owned face with this insane Neuro-hop clip. The intro is very different from what we have been hearing from other tracks in this sub-genre, best part is, so is the drop. My mind was blown instantly at the drop, it is one of the dirtiest things I have ever heard. You can sure I will be waiting day by day for this original to release.

Rusty K

Drum & Bass | Ben E. King – I Who Have Nothing (Dexcell Bootleg)

Posted by on May 2, 2013

Ben E. King - I Who Have Nothing (Dexcell Bootleg)With all the music I go through I tend to forget other genres I like to listen to. I was really feeling Drum & Bass tonight and came across this beautiful bootleg from Dexcell. The strings in the intro are a perfect fit the kicks and snare. Dexcell didn’t just create a great bootleg but  I love how he chose to make one of a song that I am sure not many even know exist. True creativity.


Free Download: Ben E. King – I Who Have Nothing (Dexcell Bootleg)


Drum & Bass | Billain – Blockfield/Boogie

Posted by on March 25, 2013

Billain - Blockfield/Boogie

Sick two track Neurofunk release from Billain after his awesome remix for Reso. Neurofunk for those that didn’t know, is a sub-genre of Drum & Bass, known for having more stabs over the bassline and sharper backbeats. Leaving you with a fast paced and much more bass infused listen than the usual Drum & Bass. Billain has mastered this very difficult and detailed style of production. “Blockfield” starts out with coastal sounds (water trickles, seagulls, etc), then moves onto a few erie synths that take you into an energy filled drop. “Boogie” has to be my favorite of the two tracks though. It has that Russian warehouse feel, but once it drops my ears felt like they had just been thrown through time and are currently raving in the future with Samurai Jack. Billain did a great job on this two track set and as a bonus I have provided a preview of another one of his upcoming releases for April.


Purchase Vinyl/Digital: Billain – Blockfield/Boogie


Dubstep, Preview | Gordy – The Bible Kills (Teddy Killerz Remix)

Posted by on March 16, 2013

Gordy - The Bible Kills (Teddy Killerz Remix)One of Russia’s finest duos, the Teddy Killerz, are coming up with a hot remix off Gordy’s up coming EP “The Bible Kills”. Having remixed the title track, the Teddy Killerz bring forth some filthy Breakbeat. After their Trap EP they just dropped with OWSLA, I wondered when they duo would grace us with killer Drum & Bass or Dubstep. With many other remixes on the way, this is only the beginning of the Teddy Killerz epic adventure that is 2013. Gordy’s EP and remixes are releasing March 25th.


Chill, Dubstep | River Styx – Evolve

Posted by on February 25, 2013

River Styx - EvolveThis is one of the best Garage tracks I have heard in a while. Fun fact, River Styx is the other alias of filthy Dubstep producer, Poseidon. This track is very laid back, but the melody is something else entirely. The kicks and snare give off a Drum & Bass feel but it is the occasional blips that really add character to this great listen. After a long day at work on this Monday, River Styx provides the best way to transition to the end of your day.


Free Download: River Styx – Evolve

Drum & Bass | Younger Brother – Psychic Gibbon (Oscillator Z Remix)

Posted by on February 12, 2013

Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon (Oscillator Z Remix)

Literally just posted new Oscillator Z yesterday and now he releases another sick tune, only this time he went with Drum & Bass. I am really addicted to the liquid style he has flowing through this. The drop is electrifying, as if charging your mind for a great adventure ahead. The vocals just bring it all together for me, without them this track would feel incomplete. All around cool Drum & Bass track, round of applause for Oscillator Z.