Albums, Bass, Electronic | Run DMT – Starlight Ft. Betty Black : The Remixes

Posted by on October 17, 2013

This remix EP showcases four dimensions of an extremely powerful song. The original by RUN DMT is deep and heavy, beautifully coordinating Betty Black’s spectral vocals with big driving bass, distant guitar chords and awesome synth plucks. The Kodak To Graph remix is a chilled out and trapped up version that adds sounds reminiscent of Phonat’s style – very cool. Now to the hard hitters. The Dirt Monkey remix is loud and angry. It adds huge, harsh sounds that create an edgy, rough feel while still maintaining some of that juicy emotion from the original. Now, for the remix that, for the time being, comes out ahead as my favourite on the EP. The SPL version starts out with an ambient intro, introducing wicked saxophone sounds. The vocals are whispered into focus and the energy is built up to the mad drum and bass segment that is bursting with energy.  The vocal verse is introduced at the perfect moment in this segment, and is used to carry you through to the next drop which takes on another beat entirely. The remix is epic, really a blast to listen to, and the whole EP is a treat. Literally a treat, as in all of the four massive songs are free to download.

Drum & Bass | MitiS – Movements Feat. MaHi

Posted by on September 4, 2013

Although I don’t normally listen to drum and bass, MitiS is too spectacular to ignore. All of his tracks are fire, as is this original with MaHi. It’s a track you will get completely lost in. “Movements” is smooth and has such a catchy melody. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this track really is, you’ll just have to listen for yourself!


Free Download: MitiS – Movements Feat. MaHi

Drum & Bass | Selena Gomez – Come & Get it (Dotcom Remix)

Posted by on July 2, 2013

Dotcom Music
Plain and simple, the only thing hotter than this album art is the song itself. Up and comer, Dotcom has been on fire recently stirring quite a buzz in the dubstep community. Today he delivers a heavy drum and bass remix to Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get it” that makes it acceptable for a 23 year old man to be blasting Selena Gomez on his way to work (I may or may not do that to the original version as well).


Drum & Bass, Dubstep | Sub Focus – Out The Blue (Oscillator Z Remix)

Posted by on September 15, 2012

Sub Focus’s Out The Blue had to be my favorite single from him this year because of the outstanding vocals on the track as well as the overall construction, so whenever I saw this remix up on Soundcloud I knew Oscillator Z had some big shoes to fill. He did an impressive job on this remix to say the least. He was able to keep the vocals intact and appealing with the melody spiced up to his liking, which gave it nice electro sounding quality to it. The drumstep drop worked so well with this track keeping the BPM between dubstep and drum and bass with his distorted synths.


Drum & Bass | DnB Fridays

Posted by on August 17, 2012

As if the original wasn’t great enough, this DnB remix by Mattix and Futile takes this track to the next level. Keeping things simple, but not boring, these guys definitely filled in all the gaps for me that were left in this track and completed the EP.

Big ups to W8 for finding this awesome DnB tune. He nailed it with this uplifting original tune from Neutralize featuring vocals from Emily Underhill.

Another uplifting tune steering away from the heavy Dnb, but not too liquid either. This awesome futuristic sounding drum and bass never gets old and always brings me to a state of euphoria.

This one changes the mood a little to a more jungle styled dnb. This reminds me of some of the older dnb that used to be produced a few years back.  Nothing too fancy, but fast paced enough to get the crowd going.

Last but not list I recommend everyone pre-order this awesome dnb compilation releasing from one of Mach and I’s favorite labels, InfraRed Music. Veteran artist Wickaman has been tearing apart the dnb scene through this label lately and all of his tracks are absolutely crazy.

Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Moombahton | Muffler Remixes: Volume Two (Subhuman)

Posted by on May 23, 2012

Muffler and Subhuman are back at it again with Volume Two of the Muffler Remixes. Don’t expect anything less than the grimiest dubstep bangers and the heaviest drum & bass tracks from these guys.  Now that you have been warned, we can continue and disclose these superb tunes.

Pixel Fist making another appearance on a Muffler EP , and yet again bringing another heavy drumstep/drum and bass banger. No complaints from this track, providing the screechy synths and thick sub-bass. Bare bringing a similar styled remix as Pixel Fist, but slower for obvious reasons (BPM). This track separates itself from Bare’s other tracks, because he incorporates more punch to each of his kicks and drops, which overall brings a heavier atmosphere to the track. Continuing on we have three other dubstep/drum & bass remixes provided by Ajapai, Muffler, and Nightwalker. Nothing short of bass-driven bangers from all three artist. I have to say the last remix provided by Billy The Gent X Long Jawns is the most unique and stylish to me being that it is Moombahton. These guys are on the rise and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their releases. You can get the whole EP on Beatport HERE.

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Drum & Bass | DC Breaks — Firez EP

Posted by on May 7, 2012

I have been waiting on these drum and bass bangers from DC Breaks for a few weeks now and it was well worth the wait. Move Closer is killing it for me right now in the DnB game. With vocals on the track from Belle Humble and a enticing melody this is an instant favorite on the EP. Moving on; Shaken is a more old school DnB sounding track with heavier synth sounds and some more brutal bass for those that are bass hungry. Firez and Era on the other hand are both tasteful melodic styled tracks that bring a variety to the EP. These two tracks are more for fans who favor the intricate sounding tracks rather than the heavy stage smashing ones. Grab this EP on Beatport HERE.

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