Electro, Exclusive | Na Palm vs Adventure Club vs Foxes – Youth (bootleg) [FNT Exclusive] [Apparel Giveaway]

Posted by on August 7, 2012


I was fortunate enough to meet Na Palm at Global Dance Festival in Colorado a couple weeks ago, and it was quickly clear that this man embodies everything I love about music. His energy, passion and dedication were immediately apparent, and he was also incredibly modest and earnest. I am thrilled to be able to bring you “Youth,” a very impressive exclusive Adventure Club remix off his upcoming podcast, “ElectronicChronic002.” After seeing Na Palm’s wild live shows I knew he could deliver party bangers, but this new release proves he is just as skilled at mellowed out tunes. One listen to “Youth” and you’ll swear someone slipped this upbeat, energetic guy a chill pill. Roll up on one of these hot summer days and enjoy this anthem from NaPalm–you won’t regret it. And don’t forget to spread the word about ElectronicCronic002, because it’s about to be huge. #DirtyGirlsLikeDirtyBeats Apparel GIVEAWAY after the jump – 


Dubstep | R Rated #34

Posted by on June 20, 2012


For those of you who didn’t get it yet, Rednek just dropped his debut album “One Year Later.” The album altogether is great, really loved just about every track on it. The album is climbing the Beatport charts fast so make sure you click HERE to grab your copy. Rednek also has announced his new group called I.I.K. (If It’s Kool), to help support and get the word out for any artist worth listening to even if they are a nobody. The track above titled “Sway,” is a fresh dirty clip from Rednek, and should be dropping soon!

Now onto the free stuff. Svyable has made previous appearances in R Rated, his style is…well it’s filth haha. For this new remix of his he really makes you wait for the drop, but I am telling you it is well worth the wait. Spitting lasers, the drop is exactly what we want R to be about, the nasties of dubstep.

Sev came across RealTalk no more than a few weeks ago and since then we have seen nothing but promising work. i was a little worried about this track when I saw the title. I thought I was going to hear another remix of Skrillex’s True Gangsters using low quality rips…I love being wrong. This track is dirty, it has a bit of a spacey feel with that crunchy bass that makes your ears hurt in the best of ways.


Technically this next tune is Glitch-Hop, but after this many successful R Rated posts it obviously does not matter, as long as the fans get their fix. A free tune from High Rankin is always a welcomed sight. The vocals on this track are beautiful and accompany this bassy tune flawlessly.

Styles&Complete with another dope track this year, the duo has been on fire for sure. I am a huge fan of Rage Against The Machine, sampling that legendary guitar was an awesome idea. This track bumps and thumps, snatch it.

This last track is exactly why I love what I do and why I also believe strongly in what I.I.K. is all about. When I find an artist with less than 100 followers, I don’t turn and run, I become intrigued. Crack City just blew out my ears with this filth monger of a tune. Its heavy, grimey, and composed masterfully. What more could you ask for to end this epic post.

Hip-Hop | Domo Genesis – Ground Up (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Posted by on February 9, 2012

Two of the biggest potheads linked up to make this track. I was expecting more of an ultra laid back beat with a 70s sample but instead we get this, a more upbeat song with a catchy synth. Very impressive verse by Domo, who I’m excited to hear more of, and just some usual quality bars by Wiz. Dope track, grab it and look for Domo’s mixtape later on.

Download: Domo Genesis – Ground Up (feat. Wiz Khalifa)


Hip-Hop | Ess Vee – Get Right To It

Posted by on February 5, 2012

Word to the wise, persistence pays off. If you’re hungry, you’ll eat. I’ve got to hand it to Ess Vee – his team stayed on my case about getting this dope track posted – he’s definitely armed with passion and hunger. I’m an FNT grandfather so I’m slow to post but when I do, pay attention. Ess Vee harnesses the power of music to reflect upon his life in an introspective fashion. His lyrics are fresh and pertinent to his life events and the social issues, which exist in our present culture.

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Hip-Hop | A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)

Posted by on January 1, 2012

New A$AP to start the year?!?! I think so. Rocky hits us with this dope track produced by SpaceGhostPurrp. Rocky is nominated for the XXL freshman edition, so vote for him here. Keep it trill and Happy New Years!

Download: A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)

Drum & Bass | Imogen Heap – Closing In (Mt. Eden & Loz Contreras Remix)

Posted by on October 25, 2011

Been some time since Mt. Eden has dropped an awesome freebie, and even longer since they have done some good drum & bass work. Mt. Eden teamed up with the UKs next big up and coming, Loz Contreras to deliver one smooth, dope track. With the release of Imogen Heap’s new album today, it is no wonder they went with Closing In. Mt. Eden and Loz Contreras have more collaborations on the way!

DOWNLOAD: Imogen Heap – Closing In (Mt. Eden & Loz Contreras Remix)

Hip-Hop | Mac Miller – Speaking in Tungs, Asher Roth

Posted by on August 25, 2011

Here is a freestyle from Mac over Camron & Vado’s Speaking In Tungs.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Speaking In Tungs (Freestyle)

This is a dope track from Asher Roth. The slow eerie beat, which was produced by Blended Babies, adds so much more to the song.
DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Ampersand