Chill, Electronic | Demure – Kill The Silence

Posted by on August 16, 2012

Demure, one of the pseudonyms for the prolific and very underrated Swedish producer / DJ John Dalhback has released an entire album today for FREE. This is not an album that you are going to bump at a party or use to for its high energy qualities. This is something you will throw on when you are relaxing or as John Dahlback said “Something beautiful I could listen to on the plane, bus or wherever I was… This is purely just for listening.” This is a chillout album filled with soft piano melodies, flowing percussion, ambient synths and strings and smooth, emotive vocals. The album has a real indie vibe to it with some of the percussions and the vocals, showing off just how great a producer Dahlback is and how varied he is as a musician, notably because all of the instruments sound real.

It starts out a little slow but really picks at “You Wouldn’t Know” and continues on with great tracks like the more upbeat “Bittersweet”, the title track “Kill The Silence”, and the uplifting “By His Side”. The album continues in its ambient, chilled out style and finished off with almost jazzy, indie track in “Who I Used To Be” that really sums up the experimental nature of the album and the unique sound displayed by the enigmatic John Dahlback. The best thing about the whole thing is that entire album is free. It is rare for an established dance producer to give away an entire album, so this is something you need to check out now.