Bass | Demicat Drops Daily Earfood Original “Levitation”

Posted by on February 22, 2018

Demicat has spent alot of time in the ring. The last few years has seen a steady rise in the producers fanbase and stream count. Today, his notability between South Korea and the USA is starting to mesh into on larger global audience. Demicat has been nothing short of aware and present to this notion, putting out content and music often and of-caliber.

Demicat’s Seoul EP feature for Fox Stevenson grabbed substantial streams, while the EP as whole climbed to 100K, yet Demicat’s latest showcases his style in original form, releasing a single he worked on solo. Demicat knows where he fits within dance music and explores this realm beautifully, hear “Levitation” it in full above.


Chill | Seoul-Based Demicat Releases Future EP “Oredorok”

Posted by on April 25, 2017

The next chapter in Demicat’s world is here. The Seoul-based veteran DJ/producer has just released a 5 track EP Oredorok – a sensational sound carrying an Eastern breeze within. The EP elegantly and charmingly challenged all boundaries of the trending sounds concept. Demicat shares: “In the past, I used to just try to catch up with the western sound. But these days, every producer in the world have the same or similar sound. Among them, there are few producers have their own identity. I tried to mix the oriental (more Korean) sounds in my EP.”

Established in South Korea, the veteran DJ/producer was one of the top DJ’s that brought attention to EDM in Seoul in the late 2000s. 2007 marked the beginning of his music journey, as he began producing jazz inspired hip hop records that were considered uncommon at the time. He continued to experiment, and in 2013 became among the first Korean artists to successfully produce genres like trap and future bass.

After a brief pause, Demicat is back on the scene with Oredorok, which translates into “Forever” in Korean – a spectacular blend of East meets West.