Chill | David Starfire And Ram Dass’s ‘Alchemy of the Heart’ Is A Special Project That Goes Beyond A Guided Meditation

Posted by on July 14, 2023

Soul Land Records and David Starfire, the global bass talent, have united to give birth to a unique experience titled “Alchemy of the Heart”. This revolutionary EP is a potent and timely statement against the tedious, mind-numbing homogeneity that relentlessly plagues our music industry.

But it doesn’t stop there. The most strikingly subversive element of this EP is its bold integration of Ram Dass’s profound meditations. Ram Dass, the daring spiritual explorer who eschewed the comfortable life as Dr. Richard Alpert in 1967, and instead embarked on a spiritual odyssey that has since resonated with and enlightened millions across the globe. This EP brilliantly brings his revolutionary teachings to the forefront, immersing the listeners in a deeply affecting sonic landscape that promotes self-exploration and critical introspection.

This musical marvel was unveiled to the world at the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, a forum synonymous with groundbreaking thought, radical ideas, and self-discovery. Alchemy of the Heart is more than just music, it is a resounding declaration of spiritual freedom, a beacon of resistance against the oppressive chains of spiritual ignorance.

Bass, Chill | David Starfire Teams Up With Arula To Drop Fire Release “Keepsake feat. Drumspyder & Jef Stott”

Posted by on June 27, 2020

“Keepsake,” a uniquely heady and world-percussion injected downtempo vibe comes filled with mystery, personality, and so much more – all within a therapeutic tinged musical experience.

Arula and David Starfire are clearly forces to be reckoned with, the energy levels on this one are fascinating as the two are clear natural collaborating fit.

The percussion keep things chill while the brass controls the energy, the sitar and the bridge level things out as the experience comes to a close. With musical maturity built-in and a more meaningful overall directive, “Keepsake,“ is one track to save in your playlist.