Chill, Trap | fwdslxsh – With You (P A T H Remix)

Posted by on June 25, 2014

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Freshly put on my radar of young producers pushing the genre game further is 16 year old P A T H who delivers a chill trap remix of fwdslxsh ‘s “With You,”soulfully  chopping it up for grand effects. What this track is missing a mix that comes right after, ending on a future bass note that leaves you anticipating more. Let yourself be taken away by these soothing vocals and delicate beats, it’s Wednesday, and ya’ll know what that means, we’re half way to the weekend! Give this one a listen and get that free download!

Free Download:  fwdslxsh – With You (P A T H Remix)

Bass, Trap | Singularity ft. Evan Duffy – Vain (Notixx Remix)

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Here’s something a little more upbeat than what I usually post. Notixx’s remix of “Vain” by Singularity ft. Evan Duffy puts a fun new twist on the original. Bouncy drumwork and bass lines set the foundation for this trap/electronic banger. This track manages to not quite be chill trap, but also not festival trap or hard trap. It falls somewhere in the middle, and maybe some of you would just call it electronic. The vocals are utilized excellently in the intro and altered nicely in the industrial sounding drops. If you’re diggin’ this genre defying track, cop it for free!

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Chill, Trap | Y//2//K – Not Sad

Posted by on February 3, 2014

If you’re looking for something mellow for your Monday, Y2K has got your back. “Not Sad”, Y2K’s newest release, is beyond chill but still has trap beats and bangin’ bass. The vocals remind me of a Blackmill track, perhaps. This track is so relaxing it will take your mind on a journey. Deep but still fresh, “Not Sad” is an excellent addition to any chill trap collection. Grab it for free!

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Trap | Elaksi – Near Me

Posted by on January 27, 2014

Elaksi, a 19 year old producer from Helsinki, Finland, put out an awesome track on Eighth Supply as part of their Free Single Series. “Near Me” is a chill trap track with eerie vocal sampling and building synths. This track is best listened to on some big speakers if you’re a bass lover, since the bass is to die for. In the words of Eighth Supply, “Elaksi has definitely come into his own and showcases it on this banger!”. You can grab this track for free on Bandcamp.

Elaksi | Eighth Supply

Free Download: Elaksi – Near Me

Chill, Trap | Elaksi – Near Me

Posted by on January 13, 2014

Elaski Near Me


“Near Me” by Elaksi was introduced to me by a friend, and I love these chill trap records that have been coming out lately, and this one in particularly resonates with me. Elaksi is a 19 year old producer from Finland that has done unofficial remixes for Kanye West, Rustie, and Stwo among others, which I strongly suggest you venture through his SoundCloud. His usage of the smooth vocal sample, along with hard hitting 808 kicks and furiously fast hi-hats makes for an epic track! I look forward to hearing more from this young producer. This is a must listen!

Chill, Trap | Nicole Millar – Fall (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Posted by on November 25, 2013


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19 year old producer Sebastian Carter released his official chill-trap remix of Australian vocalist Nicole Millar’s record “Fall” and it’s a stand out record with stellar vocals, and a fluid production that’s bound to get you through this pointless Monday on the 3 day week before Thanksgiving break. You might catch yourself day-dreaming or thinking about your lover with this one, it has a hint of sex and passion, but who’s not down for that? This remix will be available for purchase shortly, but in the mean time like Sebastian on Facebook, and check out some more of his work, he’s one to keep an eye on! This is a must listen!

Chill, Trap | Justin Bieber – All That Matters (Chiefs Edit)

Posted by on October 16, 2013

Usually you won’t catch me posting Justin Bieber, but this Chiefs remix of “All That Matters” is fire. The beats are clean and crisp and sound crazy cool under the chopped Bieber vocals. This is unique, and is a great addition to any chill trap collection. This smooth and excellently produced track is free to download!


Free Download: Justin Bieber – All That Matters (Chiefs Edit)