Dubstep, Trance | Butch Clancy ft. Amy K – Far Away From Me

Posted by on May 30, 2013


After an extended vacation to communism, I return with the dopest new addition to your music library. You’re welcome. Look at that half naked girl! Listen to this free song, which is better than anything released in the last 5 months. Convenient.

Free Download: Butch Clancy ft. Amy K – Far Away From Me

Progressive House, Trance | Gabriel & Dresden vs. Sia – Breathe Me

Posted by on January 26, 2013


Not too much to say about this one. Everyone knows “Breathe Me” by Sia — it’s a beautiful and authentically emotional song that cuts right to the core. San Francisco-based duo Gabriel & Dresden (who are no slouches in the remix department) give it a trancey, synthy facelift in this epic reboot and the end result is nothing short of amazing. While it’s probably not the most optimal track to begin your Saturday night with, it’s definitely something you’ll want to add to your music collection.

For maximum angst, double this up with Butch Clancy’s dark, riveting dubstep version. Not recommended for anyone who has recently gone through a breakup.

Free Download: Gabriel & Dresden vs. Sia – Breathe Me

Dubstep | Butch Clancy – Lonely

Posted by on July 6, 2012

Feels like its been a while since Butch Clancy dropped some heat like this track. He uploaded this track to his Soundcloud a few months back but finally gave out a free download for it. The track is as you could imagine from the title, a little sad lyrically. Butch Clancy owned those lyrics and complimented them perfectly, making this one sick Dubstep track.




Dubstep | R Rated #35

Posted by on June 28, 2012

First of all thank you to the gorgeous Sydney Barlette, for these amazing photos. I think we can now say that R Rated is finally complete. There has been a good amount of releases this week so get ready to have you ears blown out like you do every week. First up we have the amazing Noisia bringing one of the darkest, dirtiest tracks of the week to us for FREE! Being called upon to write the theme for the new Devil May Cry game and given almost no boundaries they went for a home run on this one.

Mach and I have always been big fans of Butch Clancy dating back to some of his earlier releases when we first heard about him. It is nice to finally see him being signed to a label as well as gaining the recognition he deserves for his work. He brings a different style that is much more simplistic, but that is perfect enough to lure you into listening to it over and over again. There aren’t any crazy sounding drops, bust just nice and heavy wobbles and melodies with the right amount of bass.

This next one by Skit has the reggae vibes fuzed with the dubstep we all love so much. This style kind of reminds me of what Kill The Noise has been producing lately, mixed with some Grand Theft Auto 3 Jah Radio melodies. Whatever you want to call it, I’m a big fan and always will be.

Liquid Stranger deciding it was a call for celebration when hitting a 100k fans on Facebook this week. The choice of gift was one of his upcoming tracks titled Mechanical Stuff. The title says it best on this one, almost creating a combination of Downlink and Excisions styles back in the day.


Read on to listen to the top upcoming releases.


Electro | David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Radio Edit)

Posted by on August 6, 2011

I first got wind of Sia when Butch Clancy remixed her song Breathe and I was immediately impressed. She continues to melt hearts left and right with a powerful performance on the lastest track from Guetta, Titanium. If this is what in store, I can’t wait for August 29th…

Download: David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Radio Edit)

A version with Mary J Blige has been floating around the net, personally I think Guetta made the right decision to go with Sia on this one…

Download: David Guetta feat. Mary J Blige – Titanium

Dubstep | Dillon Francis, Camo & Krooked, Butch Clancy

Posted by on June 27, 2011

Totally unrelated to this dubstep post but I saw Avicii last night and it was unreal. He played a whole host of unreleased songs including one or two that don’t have previews or have only been played live. He killed the encore with a Bromance remix that destroyed the floor. On to the music. Here is a Dillon Francis remix that he put up on his soundcloud a few days ago without a download and then took it down for some reason a day later, but the mp3 surfaced in the past day or two. It’s pretty nasty.
DOWNLOAD: Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jagger (Dillon Francis Remix)

This song has a lot of house elements in it and some nice womps. It is so smooth as the vocals and beat just flow so well.
DOWNLOAD: Camo & Krooked – All Fall Down (ft. Shaz Sparks)

Here are two pretty recent tracks from Butch Clancy. The first throws in some filthy bass and is heavier, while the second is a little more subdued, but has great vocals and some awesome drops.
DOWNLOAD: Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Sia – Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix)

Dubstep | Subvibe, Butch Clancy, and Bar9 | Dubstep

Posted by on February 10, 2011

This may be my favorite remix of Ellie Goulding’s, to date. Her voice was made for Electro and Dubstep, I have yet to hear a bad remix of one of her songs. Subvibe’s style in this song makes me think of Skrillex.

DOWNLOAD: Ellie Goulding – The Writer (Subvibe)

I will admit I am a fan of 3OH!3, this is a crazy good remix. The altered chorus sounds awesome with the beat. This track is FIRE.

DOWNLOAD: 3OH!3 – Touchin On My (Butch Clancy Remix)

I feel this may be for the avid listeners. The piano is nice, but anyone who knows true dubstep knows exactly whats in store. Slow and chill, best description.

DOWNLOAD: Bar9 – Piano Tune

Electro, no Dubstep…actually this style is called Darkroom. I love it when artists mix up genres because you end up with great tracks like this.

DOWNLOAD: Hirshee – Get Live (Original Mix)