Bass | The Brig’s Spin On Valerie Lightheart’s “Mean To Me” Not To Be Missed

Posted by on December 12, 2019

The Russian bass artist who is known to embrace daunting pirate themes has dropped a work that paired a bit of feminine vocal sweetness with the intensity that bass music – Brig style – delivers. The remix comes after a slew of releases, from an Agent Green remix to the Vindicate EP, Brig has been busy to say the least.

With millions of streams to his name and plenty of established labels signing and aligning with the soloist, it’s no wonder Brig continues to stay in the limelight. “Mean To Me (The Brig Remix,)” released on N43 Records, is set to make rounds in DJ set’s given it’s impact. Don’t miss this one.

Bass | The Brig Launches Stand-Out Bass-Driven Work Worth Hearing ‘Vindicate EP’

Posted by on November 8, 2019

Highlighting five tracks and one collab effort with LoneMoon, Vindicate EP blends music components new and veteran bass fans will be enthusiastic about. With alluring music moments and hard-to-beat drops and basslines, this EP is certain not for the faint of heart.

An assorted blend of PC gamer-esque synths and well-arranged dance music design, The Brig’s most recent multi-track experience offers a view of an epic melodic circular instrumental bass-music experience, fulfilling and dynamite creation focuses, and a generally complex feel.

The Brig has brought consistency and an improving, evolving brand to the dance music space for years, he’s not going anywhere and don’t sleep on his movement.

Bass | Brig’s Follow-Up To “I’m In Love” Is “Unbelievable”

Posted by on January 29, 2016

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Brig is no stranger to FNT, his latest January release “Unbelievable” is a fast follow-up to last week’s “I’m In Love”. This tune features Chimes, who I don’t know but I know would definitely like to hear more of.

Brig has clearly poured his heart out last year given the amount of music of his that was released in 2016. With 2 in 2016, I’d say this year is shaping up to be another big one for the Russian bass artist.


Dubstep | Brigs “I’m in Love” is A Mind-Blowing Bass/Soft Rock Hybrid

Posted by on January 16, 2016

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Brig has been featured on FNT many times, but no release matches the depth that Brig puts out on this one. The Russian bass artist added some of the most emotional elements to his music ever – and it translated brilliantly.

When that guitar parts hit, you get stuck in this happy trance where you’re loving what you are hearing but have no idea what’s coming next. Each passing beat bring about some large or small, but smooth change.

Brig is on fire going into 2015, check out more about him here.

Bass | Russian Bass Juggernaut Brig Releases Feature “Vanilla Sky” EP

Posted by on November 16, 2015

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There’s one certain name that comes to mind when one thinks of the Russian bass music scene, it’s Brig. His new EP features a couple previously released tunes as well as new ish that lays it down strong.

Brig is known for his disregard for tempos and overall musical structure, of course his music flows but, it’s clear Brig engulfs himself in the themes and emotions of his productions, allowing all bass genres to be considered and included with the shoe fits, so to speak. The EP is fire, check it out above.

Dubstep | Meet The Many Moods Of Brig Via “Double Time”

Posted by on October 27, 2015

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Brig is his own thing. The Russian bass artist is practically leading the way when it comes to dynamic production and mixes coming out of Russia and East Europe.”Double Time” shows just how far Brig can take it, showcasing musical genres from one extreme to the next. Enjoy the ride above.

Dubstep | Brig Unleashes Best Tune Yet “Contrition,” Sets New Standard For Russian Bass

Posted by on September 1, 2015

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Three days ago Brig dropped a masterpiece. Contrition is a well crafted piece through and through, with an intoxicating melody and rhythmic bass that goes so well with the song. From the incredible intro with chorus like vocals and sweeping sound provided by the synthesizers it sets the song up for greatness. The build ups are good and then the first bass drop will grab your attention with its complexity, although not too complex, and creativeness.

Brig may be an underground artist now but with “Contrition” he is clearly seeking to change that. The level of skill he provides along with unique sound gives a sense of his thoughtfulness and devotion to quality music.

Be sure to check this work of art out for yourself through the Soundcloud link above!