Brig Unleashes Best Tune Yet “Contrition,” Sets New Standard For Russian Bass

Posted by on September 1, 2015

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Three days ago Brig dropped a masterpiece. Contrition is a well crafted piece through and through, with an intoxicating melody and rhythmic bass that goes so well with the song. From the incredible intro with chorus like vocals and sweeping sound provided by the synthesizers it sets the song up for greatness. The build ups are good and then the first bass drop will grab your attention with its complexity, although not too complex, and creativeness.

Brig may be an underground artist now but with “Contrition” he is clearly seeking to change that. The level of skill he provides along with unique sound gives a sense of his thoughtfulness and devotion to quality music.

Be sure to check this work of art out for yourself through the Soundcloud link above!

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