House | “Ouroboros,”An Infectious Release From Bósa And Beats Antique, Drops With Positive Reception

Posted by on November 6, 2020

Bósa, made up of members Stephan Jacobs and SuneV, have teamed up with the legendary and illusive Beats Antique for an experimental fusion of both styles labeled an ominous title “Ouroboros.”

Seemingly fusing elements of a solid technically-inclined production beat with a thump alongside sounds like stringed guitars and well-selected instruments, “Ouroboros” is certain to turn heads as much as it will stand the test of time.

Bósa, with often a deeper, more profound direction within his genre selection embraced and music styles, was a natural fit given the end-energy of the track, simultaneously showing how to think about the genre of house differently, via “Ouroboros.”

Beats Antiques, with Tommy on percussion, piano, and production, Zoe producing and often taking lead on elements such as costumes, travel, dance, ect., and David, a multi-instrumentalist playing many roles including songwriting, instrumentation, production, and more, are touring legends globally recognized and, particularly, beloved in the states.

With a discography that goes beyond a decade and always maintaining righteous relevancy that melds with their creative essence, it’s easy to be thankful their hand was in-play for this strong single.

Check out the single above for a full listen.

Bass, Chill | Bosa Taps Unique Talents In ‘Eyes Of The Jaguar Remixed’

Posted by on September 14, 2019

It’s no secret that Bosa’s last major release, Eyes Of The Jaguar, went off without a hit digitally and on the dance floor. Given the project has only begun this year, the duo have quickly become known for their tribal house beats and spiritual influences. Boasting 9-tracks and offering an array of diverse sounds, Eyes Of The Jaguar Remixed leaves a bit of something for all house fans, yet each has a certain psychedelic imprint broadly within. The curation here is top notch and surely fans will agree.

Talents such as The Invisible People, Drezza, Tigereyes, Turkish Oud, Japanese Shakuhachi, and Taiko, are a few of the many folks that came together to participate on the album. October 19th and 20th Bosa and friends will take the stage at Santa Cruz Music Festival alongside a host of A-list talent. Don’t miss out on the event if you like what you hear.

Chill | Bosa Teams Up With Host Of Talent On “Diamond Roads”

Posted by on September 10, 2019

“Diamond Roads,” takes the talents of 4 artist to form the end result which is here. The single opens up inviting, and a bit poppy in the drums. This almost hip-hop style opening morphs into a more worldy venture, with wubs and trippy effects coming into play. By the end, between the reverbed trumpet and spiritual tinged moments, “Diamond Roads” wins you over in a short span of time.

Bosa always seem to take curation into careful practice, their music generally follows a broad path, but never limits itself to any on practice of electronic music. Stephan Jacobs and Sunev Lovechild, who make up Bosa, have honed their skills and reaped the rewards. Bosa continues to grow their movement in 2019 with no sign of slowing down.


Bass, Chill | Bosa’s “Sakura Samurai” a strong follow up to latest EP

Posted by on August 15, 2019

Bosa’s “Sakura Samurai” put more of that world culture infused experimental bass sound on display, surely more meat for the wolves of fans that Bosa can’t seem to keep off of their last EP or away from festival spots. Facetiousness aside, this single acts as a fitting and natural follow-up to the blessings bestowed via Eyes of the Jaguar. From the wooden percussion sounds to the fast and loose use of a variety of well cultured instruments, “Sakura Samurai” is packed full of chill, therapy-inducing moments.

Stephan Jacobs and Sunev Lovechild make up the duo Bosa, with decades of experience between them and tens of thousands of fans touched via their musical footprint. The Bosa legacy is more well known than one would think.

House | Bosa Shows Off A World House Style In “Eyes of the Jaguar” EP

Posted by on May 21, 2019

An incredible assortment of world themed house music is what aligns on Bosa’s Eyes of the Jaguar EP. The EP goes way beyond the call of duty, adding many cinematic and theatrical elements to what ends up being a pretty bass heavy experience. This is far from the first rodeo for the duo, having years of production and performance experience between the two of them, the quality of the brand experience shows it.

What makes Bosa unique is their live music aspect, instrumentation is something they’ve mastered and, when they bring that to the public, it leaves others with stories to tell. Search online to see bits and pieces for yourself, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.