Deep House | Mountain Of Youth – Thinkin’ Bout Love Ft. The Night VI & Jay Z

Posted by on July 9, 2014

Mountain Of Youth - Thinkin’ Bout Love Ft. The Night VI & Jay ZFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Mountain Of Youth has been on my radar since I was introduced to his L A Y L A “Smokestacks” remix, and his latest remix of “Thinkin’ Bout Love” featuring The Night & Jay Z is an underrated, under the radar jam that ya’ll need to hear. It’s so refreshing like ice water, and sometimes that’s all you need to satisfy the mind and body, artificial flavoring is for headaches, so enjoy this organic hip hop deep house remix, and have yourself a great day. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Mountain Of Youth – Thinkin’ Bout Love Ft. The Night VI & Jay Z

Hip-Hop, Rap | Sean Leon: Juice + Hey Pretty Girl With The Dirty Mouth

Posted by on April 22, 2014


Sean Leon drops off an impressive mix of content, pairing a visual for his latest hip-hop cut, “Juice,” with his new punk rock sounds on “Hey Pretty Girl With The Dirty Mouth.” Toronto may have another rising star for 2014, as Sean Leon continues to release a body of work that clearly points towards the young artist blowing up.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hey Pretty Girl With The Dirty Mouth

Progressive House | Danzfolk – Talos

Posted by on March 23, 2014

Danzfolk - Talos

I have been singing these guys’ praises for some time now and with the second volume of their epic MYTHOS trilogy in the books, I hope you can see why. No I don’t represent them, but just believe their music should be in front of more people. With “Leviathan” in the books, they head to Greece to unveil their next myth “Talos”. Taken from their soundcloud page, read below for some background on the myth,

‘Talos’ was a gigantic creature and guardian of Crete. Zeus presented him to his lover, Europa, as her personal protector from pirates and invaders. Talos was given the task of patrolling the island, circling it three times in a day. The giant did not allow any enemy ships to approach, hurling massive rocks to sink the wooden ships of those who dared to threaten Crete. If any managed to escape these and set foot on land, a horrific surprise lay in store for them. Talos entered a fire until his bronze body was red hot. Then he clasped his enemies in a tight embrace, burning them to death. Their bodies were found with their mouths wide open in agony and horror.

Exactly like the purpose of this series, the song has a mystical nature to it. “Talos” tells a story, one that builds beautifully like the island of Crete and then strikes with the controlled aggression of the song’s namesake. The tune is free and is about as good as free gets. If you want more Danzfolk, listen to this mix from them below.

Free Download: Danzfolk – Talos


Interviews | [Exclusive] The Rise Of Collin McLoughlin

Posted by on March 18, 2014

We remember when we first received an e-mail from Collin McLoughlin. It was 2010, and he contacted us with a single submission. We were instantly impressed. In fact, we can still remember where we were when we heard his voice. We knew then that Collin McLoughlin was destined for greatness. While the Collin’s road to success has taken him to places like NBC’s “The Voice”, he’s on a new mission. Since July of 2013, Collin has been releasing a slew of impressive remixes and originals that have gained support from just about everyone in the blogosphere. Collin’s profile is quickly rising, so we decided to check in with him to talk about how a Youtube cover singer from New York became one of the most talked about names in the melodic bass world.

1. Forgive me for asking, but how did a guy that was knocked out in the second round of NBC’s “The Voice” become a successful melodic dubstep producer and DJ, essentially out of nowhere?

It took an incredible amount of dedication and hard work. I’ve learned everything I know about production from various online tutorials, Youtube, and trial and error. I also have had some good friends like Carlos Cid who have given me tremendous advice. That said, the majority of my DJ and production knowledge has come from an insane amount of hard hours spent teaching myself.


Albums | Young Money Yawn – Lost Scriptures (Mixtapes)

Posted by on March 4, 2014


The DMV has made quite a statement recently with new talent springing up right and left. The influx of new musicians to watch certainly doesn’t stop with Young Money Yawn. The 20 year old emcee takes on a more “street” side of Virginia, and speaks about his come up over a variety of different production styles.

Those who follow the DMV hip-hop scene closely might recognize the Board of Administration’s, Black Cobaine feature, amongst others. The tape is packed with eighteen original songs as well as a few bonus tracks, and aside from the speaking interludes getting a bit repetitive, the project is a very strong body of work. Stream and download in its entirety below!

Albums, Trance | Markus Schulz – Scream 2 (Album Review)

Posted by on February 27, 2014

markus schulz scream 2

Somehow, in between the marathon sets, constant travel and acting as a label head, Markus Schulz has found the time to release the follow up artist album, his fifth, to his 2012 effort, “Scream“. The DJ and the producer go hand and hand for Markus Schulz as what he makes has to be ready for a set that could last up to 12 hours, something he does more often than most. This album, like “Scream” delves into the more melodic side of his sound, but injects bigger and trancier melodies than the first edition. Stream the songs from album in a special episode of Global DJ Broadcast below, grab the CD, and watch the 25 minute behind the scenes documentary that goes into how the album was made, the stress of deadline day and details on the various collabs.

iTunes | Physical CD


Hip-Hop, Rap | Richy Marciano – WZUP

Posted by on February 26, 2014

Making his Fresh New Tracks debut, Richy Marciano, holds nothing back on the new single and video “WZUP”. The Detroit native pours all of his energy and city-spirit in to all of his music, and “WZUP” is no exception. Marciano is still riding out the success of his 2013 project Emphasis on My City, with this being the second video released from the body of work.

Marciano is currently working on his follow-up tape, but if you missed the first, be sure to give it a download here.