Future Trap | DJ Snake Receives Massive ‘Let Me Love You’ Remix

Posted by on September 28, 2016

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Slander and B-sides join forces, and what happens next is pure bliss. Taking the popular DJ Snake and Justin Bieber tune and flipping it on its head, this remix is one for the ages. The intricacy, clarity, and creativity behind this one is breathtaking. From the verse to the drop, the energy never stops while seamlessly flowing throughout the tracks nostalgic vibe.

Tropical House | Get Lost with Shemce’s Latest Remix to the timeless ‘Strobe’

Posted by on May 20, 2015

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Pure bliss. That is the only way to describe this fantastic remix from Canadian Shemce who has seen a tremendous rise in plays, following, and love this past year. Remix after remix has been phenomenal, and he’s making a wave for himself in the tropical house scene – never straying from his signature sounds. Lay back and grab this work of art – oh and don’t forget to give him some Hype Machine <3 if you enjoy!

Trap | JayCeeOh & Terror Dactel – Hear You Calling

Posted by on February 26, 2014

JayCeeOh & Terror Dactel - Hear You Calling
NYC trap producer / DJ JayCeeOh has teamed up with fellow NYC producer Terror Dactel for the second time in almost as many weeks for another big free download. They sample Aurora’s 2000 single “Here You Calling“, something quite commonly done in trap, and use the vocal to interject a little bit of vocal bliss over a breakneck speed instrumental. It’s trancey, which as a lover of trance, I can certainly get behind, giving the tune an added dimension beyond just fearsome 808s and relentless high-hats. Best of all, the track is free, so get it now.

Free Download: JayCeeOh & Terror Dactel – Hear You Calling


Electronic | Sir Sly – Gold (Phazz Remix)

Posted by on February 26, 2014

This song was incredibly difficult to categorize, and that is exactly what makes it so cool. Phazz’s remix of “Gold” by Sir Sly is simply some bass filled bouncy bliss. The variety of sounds in this track made it interesting all the way through. The drum work in this track is on point, as well as the groovy bass-line. The guitar made me think of warmer, summery times. Grab this unique track for free!

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Free Download: Sir Sly – Gold (Phazz Remix)

Ambient, Electro | Barcelona – Background (MSG Remix)

Posted by on February 2, 2014

Despite their million+ fans, I was previously unaware of Barcelona. The group has chocked their SoundCloud full of remixes, and one in particular that really made a lasting impression was MSG’s “Background” reworking. The song takes ambient elements from Barcelona’s catchy vocals and mixes them with the deep house sounds that are making their rounds across the music world. The result is pure bliss for an entire four minutes and thirty eight seconds.

Both MSG and Barcelona hail from the Northwest state of Washington, a hub for all things culture and music. The local influences allowed for this track to click on multiple levels, making it enjoyable for indie and electronic fans alike.

I encourage you all to dive in to this song and stay up to date with future releases via Barcelona’s SoundCloud page.

Electronic, Progressive House | Pryda – LYCKA

Posted by on November 21, 2013

Collab post from your favorite Swedish partners in crime, Mimada & Rebecca.

”Anyone who listens to this show regularly or knows me personally, will know how I feel about Pryda”, was one of the comments from Zane Lowe on Eric Prydz’s booming hit, “Power Drive.” Tong has never been quiet with his worship of Prydz, and nor have we. This latest release, “LYCKA,” uploaded yesterday for the crowd to indulge in, gives us 100 more reasons to go on about the man and his almighty talents. In fact, Zane Lowe and BBC Radio 1 have already deemed this the “Hottest Record In The World.”

The title LYCKA, which is ”Happiness” in Swedish, fits the track like a glove, as Prydz now has opened the shutters to his dark (but oh so lovely) California studio. Pryda describes to Lowe his inspiration for the track in a brief interview below, claiming he was simply in a “good place” when he produced this project. And boy do the good vibes radiate through this sound. LYCKA is light, uplifting, just pure bliss, which is much needed in this pitch-black Swedish winter. This guy always knows how to provide listeners with what they need to warm their hearts.

Stick around to catch the interview at the end of this journey of a track, because you will be listening to the friendly voice of the most modest, down to earth DJ in the world. Enjoy his epic work below.