Progressive House | Archie – Loving You

Posted by on December 24, 2013



I have never really been a fan of Archie because for a while, all his songs sounded the same (they even used the same synths). Although, I must admit that when I clicked play on this 2 minute and 51 second song, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love. I did though, Archie got me. Two years ago, I was punched in the stomach by a girl. It was an amazing experience. She had been texting me for like a week, maybe a week and a half and I was clearly not interested (she was kinda heavy). One day at lunch we passed each other in the hall and she just hit me. My mind was blown quite honestly. It didn’t hurt because I mean she’s a girl and the whole thing was actually pretty hot looking back on it.

The infatuation I imagine that girl had for me is what I have for “Loving You”, Archie’s latest song. I know it lacks substance and is extremely short and is not really a progressive house song but ever since I first heard it an hour ago, I can’t stop listening to it. The cheesy vocals are extremely catchy and it makes for such a feel good track.

Free Download: Archie – Loving You

Progressive House | Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay The Night (Dave Winnel Godspeed Remix)

Posted by on October 10, 2013

Zedd - Stay The Night Ft. Hayley Williams (Dave Winnel Godspeed Remix)
Australian Dave Winnel returns with a free remix of Zedd’s recent smash single “Stay The Night” that is starting to get people past “Clarity”. Dave Winnel flips the original for a clubbier, more stripped back drop, while adding a similar synth melody and keeping Hayley Williams’ vocals for good measure. The remix is free, so don’t hesistate to click download.

Free Download: Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay The Night (Dave Winnel Godspeed Remix)

As a bonus, here is an added production from Dave Winnel on Michael Woods’ Diffused Music label alongside fellow Aussie Archie (no not the Archie that fell off the face of the Earth recently), that has received support from the likes of David Guetta & R3hab.

Beatport: Dave Winnel & Archie – Satellites

Progressive House | Archie feat Crywolf – Heart Attack (Club Edit)

Posted by on May 27, 2013


Archie has returned with a new free track for everybody. If you’ve heard any house song in the past two years then you know what to expect. I’m not too fond of Archie for the simple fact that he, like many of his peers, has chosen to ride the wave of generic progressive house. He’s even used the exact same synth for some of his earlier songs. This song, however, has something distinguishable amongst his other tracks. That would be the excellent vocals of Justin Phillips, also known as Crywolf. He is one of my favorite male vocalists so it was fairly obvious that when he combined with the good, but generic Archie, that it would be a good song.


DJ-Set, House | Weekend Mixes 2/1/13

Posted by on February 1, 2013


It is time for this week’s weekend mixes and we start things off with the past two of weeks of The Drop with mixes from dutchmen Sando Silva & Kenneth G that include a host of new and unreleased tracks like Dryo & Bassjackers “Grid”. Next up we have the 6th episode of Dzeko & Torres’ RAVE”N podcast that includes some unreleased from dBerrie & Jewelz & Scott Sparks and a few exclusive bootlegs. Matisse & Sadko give us their January mix that includes the upcoming collab from Dirty South & Deniz Koyu, “Halo”. Further mixes from Nervo, Bingo Players, Adrien Mezsi, Hard Rock Sofa, Archie and a funky one from Goldroom for Solé Bicycles also included.


House | Archie – Famous

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Big congratulations to Archie for being signed to Monstercat and for this massive first release through them. It has been a real enjoyment watching Archie grow from being assumed as a new alter-ego of Tim Berg, to pushing his name through the US, and finally at this incredible feat before us, fame. The title of the track couldn’t be anymore perfect, it is clearly an ensemble of his styles leaving us with this incredibly wild House original.


Beatport: Archie – Famous

DJ-Set, Mashups | DOSVEC – Flight 2013, The Dance Games Saga

Posted by on January 8, 2013

The Dance Games Saga continues with “Flight 2013”. DOSVEC takes us on board a 30 minute mini-mix mashup album introducing several new mashups, while incorporating some of his biggest BANGERS. “Flight 2013” flows from start to finish without any turbulence and is a great mini-mix to get your party on.


House | Popeska & Anna Yvette – As The World Falls Down

Posted by on November 29, 2012

While clicking play I thought to myself, “great, another Dubstep track released today.” Not that I’m a hater, but I mean I can only take so much. Thankfully Popeska & Anna Yvette decided to surprise fans by tossing out this incredibly random House original. Anna Yvette has always used her voice to tell an emotional story, even on all the Archie tracks she has done. Popeska on the other hand, well, when was the last time you heard him produce House?