Dubstep, Electronic, Trance | Andrew Bayer – Need Your Love / England / Detuned

Posted by on August 21, 2013

Andrew Bayer - Need Your Love : England : DetunedOne of the most musical and compositionally gifted producers in dance music now, Andrew Bayer has served up a three track EP for your ear drums and they are delighted. “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave“, remains my favorite album this year and one of the most popular selections “Need Your Love”, got a club mix to translate its beauty to the club setting, which it did without losing any of the original elegance. “England” was the gem of “Anjunabeats Volume 10“, and now we have the full copy in all of its glory. First premiered at TATW 450 in Bangalore, “Detuned” is a glitchy, dubstep track that shows departure from what we normally get from Bayer, but still remains true to his sound.

Beatport: Andrew Bayer – Need Your Love / England / Detuned

Progressive House, Trance | Norin & Rad – Bird Is The Word

Posted by on June 18, 2013

norin & rad roseland ballroom

While the track may not have the emphatic ring of the 1968 original from the Trashmen, or the Peter Griffin cover, the Norin & Rad release certainly does have its catchy qualities. Anjunabeats has spent much of the past several months basking in the glow of Anjunabeats Volume 10, releasing singles and remixes from the compilation. They now turn to new originals from their stable of producers, this time tabbing American duo, Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember, aka Norin & Rad for their follow-up to the euphoric “Aldo” on the label. “Bird Is The Word” brings together a chunky bass line, big room synths and a catchy, chirping top line that brings home the theme of the track.

Beatport: Norin & Rad – Bird Is The Word

Trance | Above & Beyond – Walter White

Posted by on May 2, 2013

Walter White
If there is anyone I would want to embody the cunning, vicious, daring, ruthless, calculated nature of Walter White aka Heisenberg, Above & Beyond would be on my short list. One of the highlights of Anjunabeats Volume 10, and their recent live sets, the relentless, remorseless “Walter White” shows a departure from their typical “Group Therapy” style that has placed them uniquely among the trance greats. Quick pulsing electro begins rights away and gives way to a tranced out break, reminding us of the euphoric power of Above & Beyond, but then just like Walter White, as soon as you think you are out of the woods, quick bursts of booming synths come into the foreground, aided by growling electro.

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Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | Andrew Bayer talks past and future with “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”, producing with Above & Beyond, future works and more

Posted by on April 15, 2013


American producer (we can’t even try to put him in one genre), Andrew Bayer may seem like a new name to many of you, but this veteran has been in the dance music industry for 10 years now and finally getting the credit he deserves. Starting back in 2003 when he was just a teen in the now on hiatus group, the Signalrunners with Alan Nimmo, before striking out on his own in 2008. An alum on Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts (we are all pulling for you guys), he is one of the few DJ / producers with a professional music degree, an experience he calls “amazing for my growth as a producer”.

Andrew Bayer’s music crosses genres and styles. His 2011 artist album, “It’s Artificial” made waves with its wide variety of styles, from glitch-hop to silky smooth techno to eclectic electronica and progressive, that made the whole experience very cerebral. The experimental 8 track debut artist album signaled his arrival as a solo artist and put the world on notice that he was to be reckoned with. His upcoming album “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave” is a beautiful piece of work. Set to release April 22nd, it may be my favorite album since “Group Therapy”, I am willing to go that far. The subtle layers and samples that create the soothing emotions and sounds are unparalleled to what other producers are putting out right now. You can download “It’s Going To Be Fine” for free here on XLR8R, but to be honest it would be a disservice to the track because this album needs to be heard as one contiguous piece of music, just as it was originally constructed, and each single by themselves will not make as much sense without the context of the album.

We had the chance to get him on the phone today, to talk everything from, working and producing with Above & Beyond, the Signalrunners, the album and more. Pre-order and preview the album below and then click the jump to read the interview.

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Trance | Kyau & Albert – Glühwürmchen

Posted by on March 18, 2013


One of my favorite cuts from Anjunabeats Volume 10, Kyau & Albert’s “Glühwürmchen” get its full single release in the aftermath of the compilation that has already seen the release of Norin & Rad’s “Aldo“. “Glühwürmchen” embodies the current sound of Anjunabeats with a slowed down tempo, gritty low end and an infectious melody. Coming off of the release of their artist album “Nights Awake” last month, Kyau & Albert are off a to a very good start this year.

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Trance | Norin & Rad – Aldo

Posted by on March 14, 2013


With the release of Anjunabeats Volume 10 in our rearview mirror, we now will see the single releases of the tracks on that oustanding compilation. First up comes from North Californian duo Norin & Rad, who have had a somewhat quiet start to the year supporting Above & Beyond on tour in Australia and in the US, while working on finishing up material for their upcoming album. With its genre defying sound “Aldo”, combines a progressive bass line with strong synth chords and atmospheric pads for this euphoric track that is sure to remain strong in the Anjunabeats and Norin & Rad catalogue for months to come. Next up on the docket is my favorite from the entire compilation, Kyau & Albert’s “Glühwürmchen”. If you have not read our recent chat with Norin & Rad, do so here.

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Albums, Review, Trance | Anjunabeats Volume 10 (Review)

Posted by on March 5, 2013


While Anjunabeats Volume 9 seemed to have a noticeable difference between the two CDs, the landmark 10th volume found a way to make it seem as though there was no distinction between the two CDs and created a smooth, uplifting journey that transcends traditional genre barriers and shows the direction of Above & Beyond’s flagship label into the future as one that is forward thinking and defies labels. The compilation features tracks from familiar faces on the label like Maor Levi, Norin & Rad, Andrew Bayer, Jaytech, Arty, Oliver Smith and Kyau & Albert, while giving the chance for many others to shine on this 2 CD, 30 track album. Above & Beyond do a flawless job of mixing between tracks, making the intros and outros between songs seamless and almost not noticeable. Grab a copy below and start listening to the tracks below. Read on to dive into the review of the full compilation.

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