Interviews, Videos | Music Talks: Mac Miller Interview

Posted by on July 25, 2012

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A friend of mine hit me up telling me he had been working diligently on a new independent interview series highlighting some of the hottest young stars in the music industry.  Initially I was skeptical of the idea and even more so of the execution.  That was until I finished reading the lengthy email and fixated my eyes on the interview featured above.

Executive Producer, Julian Patterson, has spent the last 8+ months constructing an independent team of talented entrepreneurs, the force behind this exciting new series, Music Talks.  From director Andrew Zenn to producers Rosa Barney, Eric Wahlberg, Will Berkowitz, & Jeff Rutkowski, the team has delivered a fun, fresh, and informative approach highlighting the bright faces of today’s industry.  The light fare of questions are heavily based around discovering more about the personal side of each artists career and life, something many fans don’t know much about.  Per usual, Mac keeps it G and answers the questions with his good sense of humor, keeping a smile pasted on host Rosa Barney’s face throughout the interview.

For those of you asking “What’s next?”, Music Talks will be bringing new interviews every month for the foreseeable future, including that Swedish sensation _ _ _ _ _ _, NYC electronic duo, The K_ _ _ _ _, along with many other big names in the game.  #MusicTalks